Start with the End in Mind

God is a God of order. In Genesis, He made light, land, plants and animals then He made Adam. Adam was not floating in water, squinting in darkness, and hungry while God was thinking through how to help Him. God made light and land beforehand and Adam could see to walk with God. God made fruit trees beforehand and Adam was full and satisfied. God is a God of order and throughout the Bible we see one redemptive story and plan. 

We are beautifully made in the image of God to reflect order. We can dream, set goals, and create. Be excited that you can go to Scripture, listen to the Spirit’s leading, create a plan for discipleship, and equip the sheep you are to shepherd. Remember Jesus is the Shepherd. He uses us, but rest in knowing that He leads us all!

So, before we consider how to start with the end. What is the “end?” As girls ministers, your goal is:

Luke 10:27- “…. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

The end isn’t instagram-worthy retreats. The end is that you and others would love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love others as yourself. Tape this to your computer screen and let it be your reminder and prayer for yourself and the ones in your ministry you are called to.

Ok, so how do we start with the end? Being made in the image of an orderly God, we create things knowing the eternal goal. 

Example of planning without the end in mind

Checklist for hosting a girls summer Bible study: 

  • Go to a few trustworthy websites and text a few friends for curriculum ideas.
  • Think through logos, promotion pieces, google “trendy summer colors”
  • Email a few small group leaders asking if they can bring snacks and help with making others feel welcome (greeting, name tags, etc)
  • Text a few girls of influence to be there
  • Email moms to let them know of this exciting opportunity.Talk to your student pastor about making the announcement on Sunday morning for your new study

Example of planning with the end in mind

Checklist for hosting a girls summer Bible study: 

  • Ask the Lord what the girls need to learn this summer. In your prayer, ask that specific girls questions and needs would come to your mind as you consider what to teach. Ask godly leaders for suggestions. Give yourself time to have an answer.
  • Text a few creative and “artsy” girls to come by and you all brainstorm together for fun names, logos, and promo pieces. Remind them that God gives us giftings and talents to bless others with. Cast high vision for them affirming them that as part of the body we all use our gift praying that someone would meet Christ!
  • Email all small group leaders asking them to set aside time with you twice a week for 15 minutes to begin praying for girls to be saved and know what it means to love God and love others. 
  • Text girls to invite their friends. Part of loving our neighbor is spending time with them as we all learn truth together. 
  • Email moms and include them in the Bible study. Every other week leading up to the study give them ideas like praying for 15 minutes the morning of the study. You could also think of fun ideas for things they can do with their daughters to talk about what they learned a few days after the study has met. You could also plan for a godly mom to be teaching them content in another room and you all come back for discussion and prayer.
  • Talk to your student pastor and ask Him to pray and help you think through creative ways to include fathers and whole families in the study.  

You may look at this and think, "but if they are only praying who will bring the snacks?!"

I doubt if someone is praying 30 minutes every week for this study, that the Lord wouldn’t put it on their heart to help with logistics. Things happen in prayer! 

You are not simply hosting a girls Bible study. You want these girls to leave with a renewed mind and a new love for their parents. You want them to meet with Jesus in a new way and leave loving their peers and wanting to tell their peers about it. These may seem like small differences, but one looks like effort and raw gifting while the other demonstrates dependence and friendship with Christ. 

Remember the end isn’t instagram-worthy retreats. The end is that you and others would:  love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love others as yourself. Think of the end from the very beginning! - Amy