Events with Purpose

As a girls minister, it can feel like you have a part-time job in event planning. The emphasis for something you plan can begin with some pretty daunting expectations:

You are concerned about the “buy-in.” You think, “This is my first event and if it is bad, they won’t come to anything else.”

You are concerned about your job. You think, “If I spend half my budget and 3 girls come and text their moms they want to leave because only 3 came….I’m back at Starbucks emailing my resume.”

You are concerned about your reputation. You think, “If they don’t enjoy this movie night they won’t like me.”

Events cannot be planned based on expectations or your popularity. You have to plan activities with a purpose. I sat down with a new girls minister last fall. She was so excited about her girls retreat. At the end of her sharing the theme, smores bar, late night dance party, which all sound fantastic, I kindly asked, “what’s the purpose?” What do you want them to leave knowing or what are you launching them into?” 

Add purpose to your event calendar. Here are some ideas that you can try: 

  • At summer girls Bible study, end each week praying for 5th and 6th graders at your church. The last week you share the vision of your high school girls beginning to disciple the 5th and 6th graders. 
  • At girls retreat, you teach on how to share your faith. At the last session you tell everyone that on the first Saturday morning of every month you will go as a group to share faith in a local apartment complex. 
  • At a junior high girls cookie decorating night, give them all a verse to memorize that week and tell them after they’ve memorized it to post it on Facebook and tag you. Tell them that every month you will give them a new verse that you will all memorize together.

You get the idea. Conclude your event with a step of obedience that you will walk with them in accountability, training and love to help them follow through. 

Bec has a great example of this that she shared with me recently:

A little while ago we started hosting a girls night called “Because It Matters”. The girls get together for about three hours to eat some sweets, play some games, hang out, and talk. On our most recent “Because It Matters” night, the girls arrived at the home of one of our student ministry families, spent some time decorating and eating the cutest cupcakes ever, took a lot of selfies, and tuned in to hear four of our senior girls share about body image. 

The goal of the night was not for girls to just have a good time or walk away simply feeling better about themselves. The purpose was for them to walk away knowing what God’s word says about our bodies, how we glorify the Lord with our bodies, and how the Lord views us. Hearing someone say, “You’re beautiful,” can make you feel good about yourself for 2.5 seconds. Knowing and trusting in the truth that the God of the universe created you in His image equipping you with specific talents, skills, and even outward appearance for the glory of His name sinks deeper into the core of our beliefs. 

We would love for you to share an event with purpose that you've done or want to do. Please comment with your email address and we will email you! - Amy