Big News!! We have something exciting to share!

Hi friends! Amy here!

If you've read the blog before or had a one on one conversation with me, you know that discipleship is my heartbeat. From day one the purpose of this blog has been to equip.

Equip women investing in teenagers.

Equip moms raising their kids.

Equip women discipling other women in their churches, homes, and neighborhoods.

I take 2 Timothy 2:2 very seriously, "and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also."

Whenever I travel to speak at a conference or retreat I always ask to spend time with the leaders. I want face time with the girls and ladies who want to make disciples. I want to spend time with the people who are making disciples.

Many churches I visit have “discipleship programs” that consist solely of going through a workbook or book study or a “sit still while I instill” program. Biblical knowledge is part of discipleship, but incomplete in making a healthy and whole disciple.

When having lunch with a friend who is a youth ministry intern, we had an enlightening conversation that sparked something in my heart. She said, “No one knows what a disciple is so no one knows how to make one.” I fully believe that Jesus wouldn’t command something that we weren’t more than equipped to do.

Today I have something really exciting to share with all of you, but first I want to give a little backstory.

A dear friend, Mandy, recently called to say that their church wanted to focus on discipleship, specifically in their women’s ministry- utilizing leaders to intentionally disciple the ladies around their tables.

Excitedly she said, “It won’t be cookie cutter. We want discipleship, community and to be intentional.”

I said, “Awesome! What’s the plan?”


Now, let me explain. Mandy is a fitness trainer, so I said, “Let's pretend that I'm starting a women's group and we're focusing on the verse, ‘She works hard and makes her arms strong’ from Proverbs 31:17. If we met for 6 weeks talking about that verse, reading CS Lewis quotes and sharing personal stories would the women have toned arms at the end of those 6 weeks? No! They would need you to teach them simple exercises and a strong community holding them accountable that they are actually doing the exercises. They would need a pattern or plan. It is the same with spiritual discipline and making disciples.”

After that conversation, we agreed that it would be fun and helpful for me to video chat with the new ministry team once a week for 6 weeks and teach simple, reproducible, disciple-making tools, and check in on their progress.

I'm happy to report, that the video sessions went so well! All 3 women, Audra leading the women’s ministry, Gini leading children’s ministry, and Mandy, the pastor’s wife not only learned how to make disciples, but they actually made disciples!  Between the 3 of them, they trained more than 250 women in a 6 week period! Now more than 250 women feel confident and equipped to share Jesus and make disciples. It's disciples making disciples!

I loved equipping and training these ladies!  After my time with them, I feel really excited about what the Lord is leading me to provide local churches.

Here's the big news, I'm starting a Discipleship Coaching program!

The goal is to train you to create a discipleship culture where disciples make disciples. The program will last for 6 consecutive weeks. Each session will consist of a one-hour video chat. The first week I will explain what a disciple is from the Bible and how every disciple of Jesus can make disciples who make disciples. In each of the following weeks, I will share simple, reproducible tools that will teach you how to abide in Christ, obey what the Lord is telling you, train other believers to make disciples and share hope and love with people far from God.

At the end of 6 weeks, you will have several patterns and practices committed to memory, so you can be a disciple who makes disciples AND you can train other faithful people to do the same. If this sounds like something you would love, but it sounds lofty or you cannot imagine the women you know wanting to make disciples, be encouraged by these 3 faithful women! They made me say "Amen!" out loud every week with what they were seeing, obeying, and sharing in Scripture.

If learning how to make disciples who make disciples is something you're interested in, click here to submit an interest form. If you have any questions you can email us at 

- Amy