As a mom, should I only Disciple my Kids?

I saw this question recently posed with this video by Francis Chan and David Platt. This is  a MUST watch if you’ve ever wondered this question for a future season or asked it for yourself. Take 2 minutes to watch, then continue reading. 

Seriously, I need those 2 minutes about once a month to remind me how important it is to not simply take care of my kids, but to disciple my kids. A fellow trainer in NYC told my family, “You reproduce in kind. What you do, your disciples will do.” This is beyond true. Recently I lead a training, teaching a group of women the 3 Circles Gospel tool. I misspelled a word quickly and they all misspelled it when they practiced! And, we all knew how to spell it!

Daily I hear my kids word something exactly the way I do. Ie- My 4-year-old daughter has started telling people she knows how to speak English and "Mississippi". 

In the last year, I’ve made it my habit to pray for people.  Waiting in the checkout line at Kroger, “Hi, I love to pray for people. If my God could meet a need in your life, I would love to pray for that.” My kids are with me and see me pray and my husband pray when he’s with us.

Earlier this summer, my husband spent 2 weeks in India. Life wasn’t easy, because I have a 2 and 4 year old (and, all the ministry families said amen. ha). I told my kids, “Daddy is praying with people in India and the 3 of us are praying for people here. Let’s be secret agents and complete our special assignment praying for one person every day! #specialagentoso My daughter squealed, “Let’s call it Mission Love!” Perfect.

I took them for donuts and I prayed with the high school girl working there. Mission complete! The next day a friend went with us to Costco. She and the kids watched a cartoon on the 100 tvs on display and I picked up pictures and prayed with the lady working in that area. Mission complete! I told the kids and we high-fived.

Then, we went to the bathroom. My little boy was in the cart outside with our friend and my daughter and I walked over to meet them. My daughter said, “We have to go back in the bathroom, I found my person!!” Clueless, we walk back in and she walks over to a mom holding a girl who was probably 18 months old. Without a stutter or any shyness, my girl said, “Can I pray for her? What happened to her foot?” I look down and see the little girl’s foot was in a cast. The mom’s eyes meet mine and tears flooded both of our eyes! Eva prayed for her foot and told her Jesus loved her. The mom thanked her and cried for probably 5 minutes. I don’t remember BECAUSE I WAS OPENLY WEEPING.

I am not a perfect mom or a perfect disciplemaker. But, I really do believe we reproduce in kind. If we need grace, trust Jesus, and thank Jesus continually in front of them, we are modeling healthy discipleship. If we love others, are kind to friends and strangers, and share Jesus, we are modeling healthy discipleship.

Once a week, a group of friends and I go around in our neighborhood praying for people while my husband takes the kids to play for a few hours. Today, my daughter said she wanted to go with me. I reminded her what we would be doing and that daddy was going to take them swimming (it is over 100 degrees in TX right now). She said she knew and grabbed her water bottle. She just walked and listened.

Tonight, when I tucked her in I, told her how proud I was of her for loving our neighbors so well. And, she said. “I know. You know I’m not too little.” Excuse me while I go cry some more.

Every day I pray this verse over my kids, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). "Lord, may my kids set an example for believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. I’m choosing to not put my Christian life on hold while my kids are small."

I’m choosing to not let discipling them just be a curriculum or a book we read 5 minutes in the morning. Jesus was on the road living 24 hours a day with His disciples for 3 years, and I’m thankful I get to do the same. - Amy

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