Let's Catch Up!

Hi, Perch friends! First off, Happy Labor Day!

After talking with Amy and J, we thought it would be a fun idea for me to share where I am now life and career-wise. Here we go! 

A couple of years ago, the Lord began revealing to my heart the disconnect I had in understanding between my role in the kingdom as someone who worked in full-time ministry and the roles of those my ministry reached. Let me go ahead and preface this by saying that I in no way believe that everyone who works in full-time ministry has this same issue or needs to walk the same path I have. This is a road the Lord designed for me.

As I began realizing the disconnect that was happening in my own life, I began to pray through that. My version of daily life and experience looked very different than my friends who spent their days in office buildings, coffee shops, and inner-city schools. I faced very different challenges and obstacles and received daily encouragement and support in different manners than they did. This is to be expected given differing professions, but the Lord began stirring this curiosity and desire for understanding on what it would be like to work outside of full-time ministry within the local church.

None of this began because I didn’t like my job, the people I worked with, or the people I was tasked with the opportunity of ministering to. It was something the Lord planted that I did not see coming.

As I began to pray through these things, the Lord opened up a lot of different areas he was challenging me, calling me to grow, and leading me to unchartered waters. In December of 2014, the Lord very clearly spoke to my heart one night that my job was going to change, and I had no idea what was coming. In the months ahead, I began praying through what that meant and where I was going. The place I continually came back to was higher education -- like going back to school.

I began seeking out areas of study I wanted to pursue and jobs that would allow me to do that. I can absolutely say that any desire or plan I have for going back to school is from the Lord because I was not in any way choosing it for myself.

So I made a plan. I applied to a doctoral program, interviewed for a job, and was ready to move. And then things changed. Last fall, my (and J’s) mom got sick. To be fair, she had been sick for awhile, but we didn’t know the extent of it. At that point, my plans began to change. My family saw this job opening at Mississippi College and encouraged (we could almost say demanded) that I apply for it. So I did, with no expectation that I would get the job because I had never worked in higher education before.

In November, my mom’s illness progressed and Mississippi College offered me a job. This was not my plan.

But in His very creative way, that I could in no way see at the time, the Lord was weaving together a pretty cool plan. In all honesty, Again, I emphasize that I did not see this one coming because it is so different from what I'd been doing since I graduated from college.

I accepted that job in December and started working at Mississippi College in January. In this new job, I plan events for college students and it's amazing! I have crazy hours, but get to spend every day with some of the brightest, most enthusiastic, and wonderful college students in the whole world. 

For the past six months, I've been able to spend as much time with my mom as needed. We are praising the Lord that she is now illness free (I’m calling it an illness mostly because I have never been able to spell or pronounce what she had) and recovering well. She still has some recovery to do, but the Lord has given her a lot of fight and perseverance.

In my job, the Lord has shown me that I do really like working with college students and all of those desires for understanding what the life of a believer looks like outside of full-time ministry is something I am learning daily.

The desire for more school is still sticking around, which is very much from the Lord. As of now, I hope to one day teach in the realm of higher education. This road has not been an easy one. It has certainly been filled with a lot of unexpected twists and turns, but I can see the Lord’s hand all over it.

The Lord is teaching me daily how to better love, care for, and equip believers to carry out the great mission the Lord has left us with here on this earth. - Becca

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