Book Recommendations for the Fall

I LOVE reading. I have a few categories for books and one is “poolside.” Books in this category are hard to put down, fun and enjoyable to read, and will teach or inspire me.

Here are 3 books I’ve read recently that have all inspired me and at the same time are great to bring along on a trip. You’ve traded in your pool time for a PSL, but maybe you’re about to take a road trip or you need to go ahead and pick up some books for Thanksgiving break! Check out these options:


Present Over Perfect By Shawna NiequistI’m recommending this even though I’m only halfway done. I started it yesterday, though! The tagline is “Leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living.” This book is filled with Scripture, honest stories and wonderful nuggets of advice from her mentor and friends. I feel like overall I lead a simple life, but it requires continual effort. I love to work hard and bless and help people, which is good. But, saying no to things I love doing isn’t simple. I’m continually “taking chairs away” for my family and me (you’d have to read the book!). I felt like this book cheers on and gives permission the person who chooses peace over chaos, present over perfect, full over busy. I love it. This will be a book I pick up and read a few chapters of every month.

No Place Left: Hastening book one  By Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a hero in the church planting world. He was in China with the IMB for many years and saw an unreached people group reached through a church planting movement (more than 10,000) come to Christ!) In January, we went to a conference in Florida where Steve was on of the speakers.

Eva, mu daughter, had a weird, 3-day fever and I was quarantined with her. She caught up on her Doc McStuffins and I devoured this novel in 3 days. I couldn’t put it down. The main characters are a college pastor and several students who want to change the world. And, spoiler alert they do in the most exciting ways. Join us over on facebook and insta this week. We will be giving 2 of these away...that’s how much I love it!!

Nobody’s Cuter than You: A memoir about the beauty of friendship By Melanie Shankle

One of my dearest friends handed me this book to borrow as I was leaving her house for dinner the other night saying, “You’ll laugh and love this. Thanks for being my friend.” Kyle was working late, so I put the kiddos to bed and honestly laughed my way through 130 pages that night!

One of my favorite things in life are my close friendships. My friends point me back to the Gospel, celebrate when I get good news, cry with me, listen, and LAUGH non-stop with me. I adore my friends, and this book inspired me to be thankful for them and even ways I can be a better friend. Pick up this book and laugh/be inspired and then say something kind and hand it to a friend. Jenn surely blessed me when she did!

What are you reading?? What are you learning?? We are ALWAYS looking for a new book! - Amy