The Perch is Back!


Hey Perch Community! Amy here!  We took a sabbatical of sorts this summer, but we're excited to be back! Let me give you some updates on where we all are and what we've been up to.

Becca started a new job at Mississippi College in as the Associate Director of Student Engagement this past January. She’s over events and discipleship for students on campus. As usual Bec fashion, she’s loving it and doing amazing. She will be sharing more on that this fall, as the Lord is using her in a new and exciting way to mentor college students and faculty. She's back in Mississippi and closer to family, which is awesome.

JJ is still a newlywed, has like 5 jobs, and started baking cakes. I don’t mean like a boxed cake...I mean cakes so beautiful she could start an instagram of said cakes and get a million followers. She continues to be amazing at any and all things that require creativity and hospitality. She laughs in the face of Pinterest.

My family has been traveling and doing lots of evangelism and discipleship training. PLUS, IT’S SUMMER! I’ve been at the pool and Bec and J have been at the beach A LOT.

The break was a blessing to help us re-focus. We have lots of ideas for this year and we are thrilled to start posting again! Thanks to so many of you who messaged and encouraged us by saying that you were missing our posts! And, thanks to the MANY people who continued to read every day. We are hoping many of the readers were repeat readers who were being mentored and equipping others to mentor!

A verse the Lord has been burning on our hearts this year is 2 Timothy 2:2- “

and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

We're heading in a new direction and will not be mainly student ministry focused, but drilling down on discipleship. That's discipleship in the home, one on one, leading small groups, and living a life that looks like Christ.

We are praying that we would teach discipleship and mentoring principles and habits in such a way, that you can confidently and easily share them with others. AND, as faithful people who learn and teach, that the disciples you teach would receive and learn so clearly that they would be able to teach others also.

We call this discipleship to the 4th generation. If I disciple Sarah, and Sarah disciples Kai, and Kai disciples Ranjit, then we’ve been faithful to not just hear 2 Timothy 2:2, but obey it. We haven’t just been hearers who keep hearing this verse in our hearts, but we’ve been doers showing Jesus, ourselves and others that a disciple of Jesus is not a passive listener but an active follower whose actions and life changes.

We are beyond excited for this year and this community! Email us if we can pray for you, let us know if there's a topic you’d like us to write about, or if you have any suggestions for a potential Diskypleship post. We're thankful for you. Let's get to it! - Amy