My Mother Has Taught Me...

Last year I had the privilege to speak at my friend, Amy Jo's Girls Retreat. She shared that the worship leader, Rachel, would be my roommate for the weekend. Oh, ps Rachel is Francis and Lisa Chan's daughter. (#thespeakercannotfangirl)  We chatted about all kids of things, but honestly what I remember most is how kindly and respectfully she talked about her mom. As a mom, I long for my kids to "stand up and bless me" both now and when they're adults, which is exactly what she did. I pray this post encourages us as moms and also encourages us all as daughters. 

Enjoy this pre-Mother's Day blog from our friend, Rachel Chan. - Amy

My friend, my mentor, my role model, my mother. 

My mom has taught me many things with her words and even more with her heart. My mom has taught me that our home is God’s home. Growing up, my family always had people living with us from all walks of life. As you can imagine, some people that stayed with us were easier to get along with than others. No matter what the circumstance, my mother always welcomed people into our home with an attitude of faith and obedience.

Nothing could frighten my mother. A woman who can’t speak English needs a place for her and her children to live? We’ve got room. A single gal needs a place to stay? I’d love to disciple her. A man who recently got out of prison and his family? Welcome. Seven children of my own? Thank you Lord. You see, my mother gave up her home a long time ago because she wanted God to fill it with the right people. My mother has taught me that our home is God’s home. 

My mom has taught me that being a mom is a joy. With each child, I have watched my mother love on each of my brothers and sisters, cherishing her time with them. The older I get the more I recognize the amount of work that parenting her children requires of her, and the more I am blessed by her approach to motherhood. My mother sees her job as a joy and her greatest wish for her children is that they would grow up to love Jesus with all of their hearts. My mom has taught me that being a mom is a joy. 

My mom has taught me that joy comes from the Lord. Truly my mother is a joyful woman. Her childlike excitement for all things good is contagious and refreshing. In a world so unaware of what is truly worth celebrating, my mom is a living reminder that the life God has given us is a joy to have. Sometimes this joy does express itself in a hardcore mom dance move, but I try to look past that (For all the daughters reading this I’m sure you can relate). Being cheerful isn’t something to be ashamed of, it’s a gift we can truly use to encourage others. My mom has taught me that joy comes from the Lord.

My mom has taught me to do ministry. I have a special memory of doing ministry with my mom in the inner city. There was a woman who lived in the inner city of San Francisco who had strong opinions and a lot to say. My mom and I would visit with her and despite the fact that they had nothing in common with one another, my mom treated her with respect and love. My mom is so humble. She makes everyone feel like they’re her friend. I remember another time in the inner city when a woman needed a new jacket. When we went shopping to get her a jacket, mom didn’t just pick out the first thing she saw, she actually looked for one. I guess this would be a good time to say that my mother found a way to make shopping a ministry (For all the mothers reading this I’m sure you can relate). My mom has taught me to do ministry. 

Over the years my mother has become one of my best friends. I’m not done learning from her and I never will be. One of my favorite things my mom has taught me is that we are going to be together for eternity worshipping Jesus. I love you so much mama. Happy Mother’s Day. - Rachel