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This past weekend Becca came to visit me in Dallas. As we were sitting by the pool with our phones tucked away in our bags, we quickly slipped into a great conversation...uninterrupted, sharpening, and challenging as per usual. 

We started talking about how its very easy to be “with people” but never actually connect with them. Its easy for 2 people sharing a table in a coffee shop to spend the entire time looking at other people’s lives on Instagram instead of intentionally getting to know the person they are actually there to have coffee with. We all see this. If you haven’t, put your phone down and look around you. (wink).

Out of that conversation, we decided to start a new campaign, #Handsfreefridays. Check out this quick video! 

Romans 12:2 says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Conformed means to let something from the outside shape who YOU are on the inside. Let’s not conform to this trend. As Christians, let’s inspire those in our presence, not tune or zone out. Let’s not make others feel like they’re competing with someone else for our attention.

Before you eye roll that I’m way old, let me tell you about an interesting trend I’m seeing and hearing. Several Christian girls I know in high school and college have deleted social media from their phone for the summer. Why? One girl said, “I’m tired of going to dinner and not having anything to talk about. I ask someone how their day was, and they say ‘didn’t you see my Snapstory’ I smile and say no and they have to talk.” One girl said, “I was spending way more time looking at people’s lives instead of doing life with my friends.” Fascinating. Social media is not the worst, but Biblical community is life-giving while social media creeping just leads to jealousy and comparison.

For me, I put my phone in a different room for a few hours every day. When I share a meal or am a table with someone I put my phone in my purse or turn it upside down. I do this to communicate to my family, guests, and friends that I want to listen, laugh and not have 5  screens open in my head and not really want to listen to them. Because for me, even if I’m not talking on my phone if I pick it up continually I’m still processing a pic, email, and who is that super rando person that just followed me on twitter...probably spam.

Everyone is different, but with this challenge, we really want yall to join us in being present and having great conversations that inspire and encourage.

Maybe the most freeing habit you form this summer is learning how to survive without checking social media for a day?

 Maybe the most hospitable habit you form this summer is developing the discipline of giving your guests your full attention?

Maybe the most loving thing you can do for your family is allow the Lord to transform your heart in this area through hands free Fridays?

We would LOVE to hear what you’re doing to participate in this and what it is doing in your relationship with the Lord and others. Email us or connect with us and the perch community using #handsfreefridays - Amy