Crafts + Conversation: Customized Flower Pots

Hey friends! JJ here bringing you another Crafts + Conversation! C+C is our blog series that gives you ideas of activities (cute crafts!) to do with a large, medium, or small group of girls with the intention to gather everyone together and get girls talking! We hope that you enjoy these posts as much as we do!

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Today's Craft + Conversation is perfect for spring! Here is a roundup of easy and super cute ways that you can customize a simple terra cotta flower pot. 

Color Block Terra Cotta Pots DIY 

This DIY is so simple and pretty! All you need is painters tape and pretty paint colors. You can make any kind of color block and paint them as many different colors as you want. Click here for easy to follow step by step instructions on A Beautiful Mess

Rainbow Terra Cotta Pot

How pretty?? This method is even easier than the first one. Simply turn the pot upside down and squeeze the paint so it runs down the pot kind of creating a marbled look. The color possibilities are endless! Just make sure to have the pots sitting on a plate or something to catch the extra paint. Click here for the instructions from KC EDventures. 

Marbled Terra Cotta Pots

This idea is a little more advanced, but oh so worth it. I'm totally crushing on everything marbled lately. Click here for the instructions from Alana Jones Mann. 

Sharpie Designs Terra Cotta Pots

This idea would be better for smaller groups. There are limitless designs when it comes to using sharpies on your flower pots. You know I'm swooning over that gold sharpie (heart eyes emoji). Simply paint the pots white and after they're dry, go to town on them with gold sharpie. Click here for instructions from

While you're waiting for the paint to dry on your flower pots, or just sitting around the table engage the girls in conversation. Something like this:

Have you ever thought about the process that goes into creating something with your hands? I mean, crafting can be tough business! You have to be focused and intentional about what you are doing. It can be such a cool moment to see what your hands have yielded after the hard (but fun) work! But if you think about it, every move you make, button you glue, stitch you crochet, seam you sew, line you draw, sequin you meticulously give a home, has a specific purpose and serves as part of a greater function in creating something. 

Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."

If you read the nine verses leading up to this one (which are mind blowing), we learn about how God changes us from death to life (can I get an amen?!). And here in vs. 10, we see that God doesn't simply change us, but makes us into a new creation. We are his workmanship! He is intentional with the details. He works all of the small seemingly insignificant things in our view to be part of the greater purpose. 

What things has God worked in your life to prepare you for good works? How has he equipped you to follow him? What gifts has God given you to glorify him? What passions do you have that you can leverage for the gospel? 

We hope you enjoyed our Crafts + Conversation for this month! You can take this craft to the next level by actually planting a flower or succulent in the pots! Provide gardening soil and flowers and let the girls get their hands dirty. If you host a Crafts + Conversations party, let us know! We want to see pictures! Tag us on FB and Instagram and we'll share it on our site. 

Happy Crafting! - JJ