Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Graduating Seniors and their Parents

We love Lisa Clark here at The Perch! She is full of wisdom, humor, and Godly insight. She wrote a guest post for us before on Sibling Rivalry that you should totally check out. 

We wanted to share her top ten pieces of advice for graduating seniors and their parents. Enjoy! 

10.  Pinterest is evil. (Kidding but not really…)

9.  YOLO is not real.  Think about it.

8.  Get a job.  Many college graduates have never worked, can’t produce a resume, and wonder why they can’t get a job out of college.  USA TODAY reported several years ago that the spring semester of the senior year of high school is one of the greatest wastelands in America…why? You know where you’re going to school, have already been accepted, and have taken your foot off the gas! So you have time to get a job.  Work!  Get a paycheck, from a real employer and put money in a real bank.

7.  Start doing your own laundry.  Moms, stop doing their laundry.  

6.  Just because you’re able to, doesn’t make it right for you.  Your world is about to open up and you will have many opportunities come your way.  Just because a door opens, doesn’t mean you walk through it.  Just because society says you’re “allowed” to do things, think about it…is this right for me?  Set boundaries for yourself that even your parents might not set for you.  That’s the sign of a spiritually mature person who gets that their life is not their own.

5.  If you have one true friend you are blessed.  

4.  Be thankful.  You have more than you need.  You live in a free country.  Don’t waste this privilege.  Be passionate about something.  Give back and serve.  

3.  Seniors, be patient with your parents! They are trying  to squeeze everything they think you need to know in the next 3-4 months. 

2.  Set goals. God’s word tells us without vision, people perish.  Be a goal setter.  Set physical goals, spiritual goals, academic goals and community goals.  If you need a reference look up Luke 2:52.  Don’t just aimlessly wonder through life without a vision for what God wants and expects for your life.  You were created for a purpose.  Learn what that is and strive for greatness.

1.  You will NEVER regret living your life for Christ and pursuing Him.  You were created for a relationship with Him.  That’s why you live.  You were born to meet Jesus.  That is your premier relationship.  Don’t think that spending time with Him is just for you.  It’s for Him, too.  He wants to be with you.  He longs to be with you.  His love is real and forever.  There’s nothing you can do to change that.

Lisa’s parenting journey began over 25 years ago, but it wasn’t until she started teaching Bible studies at Prestonwood Baptist Church that she heard from the Lord That “Parenting” was her niche.  He had given her a word about biblical parenting.  So she started the process of teaching and encouraging moms throughout the Dallas area.  That led her to partner with Sky Ranch Christian Camps in 2007 and the development of the SkyMoms Ministry with her friend and Sky Ranch CEO, Linda Paulk. 

Lisa has a unique teaching style that couples humor with personal stories of raising her own two daughters and biblical insights.  Grounded in God’s Word, Lisa has a passion for encouraging moms in the day to day struggles of parenting preteens and teens.  

Lisa is married to Brad, her husband of 28 years.  They have two daughters, Caroline (25) who is married to Brent Russell, a college pastor in Norman, OK and Camryn (21) who is a junior at Baylor University.  They currently reside in Frisco, TX.