SQUAD: Meet my Friend who Inspires people to Flourish

Today is our 2nd post in our SQUAD series by our friend Kat Armstrong. Take it away, Kat! 

Hi Perch ladies! My name is Kat Armstrong. I’m a rookie mom, pastors wife, entrepreneur and I’m in full time ministry. But enough about me. Look at my handsome man…

Aaron and I waited 10 years to start our family because honestly I wasn’t sure I wanted a biological baby. Boy was I wrong. Caleb Armstrong is 3 years old and just look at that face…

When I was 16 years old I knew I wanted to inspire people for a living. I wasn’t sure how I would make that happen, but I just knew that I wanted to be known for inspiring women to flourish.

Are you an inspirational person? Take this quiz to see if your future will involve inspiring others..

Do you love singing your friends praises? 

Do you squeal with delight when one of your besties is crushing it in life? 

Do you enjoy promoting your friends causes and dreams?

Do people lean on your encouragement to try new things?

Do you enjoy watching others succeed even more than your own triumphs?

Well, then, you my friend, love to inspire people. 

Your inspiration could literally change our world, impact the common good, and bring glory to God. Let’s talk about what could hold you back from becoming an inspiration to your whole generation.


The greatest inspirers are women who let the Holy Spirit destroy their jealousy. I feel jealous at times but that’s when I ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of our unique design to work together for the gospel. Although it may not feel like it, the truth is that you and I are on the same team. When you win or succeed in your calling the gospel is advanced. That’s what matters. 


The greatest inspirers are women who let the Holy Spirit destroy their desire to compare themselves to others. Look, I struggle often with comparison and it steals my joy, but that’s when you have to take deep breath and remember we are not competing with each other. 

Our calling is to flourish and that looks differently for everyone.

Watching others succeed brings unspeakable joy to our lives. And this makes sense right? Because it’s not about us. Life is about investing in others so that they can flourish in God’s calling on their lives. Just last weekend I got to see two of my friends from High School. We hadn’t been together in (cough, cough) a loooong time, 17 years to be exact. And yet both women commented that my role in their life played a part in their faith. You just never know how your inspiration will impact others. 

I’m gonna leave you with my favorite bible verse:

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13  

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Kat! Let's all go out and flourish! 


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