Squad: Meet my friend who is good at Community not Comparison

Today we are introducing a new series "Squad: Meet my friend who is good at _____________." Taylor Swift is known for her idea of Squad…She puts amazing people on the stage with her, and also takes pics of them to put on social media to tell what they are good at. I think we as Christians can take a note from T-Swift and do the same.

How much more can we be rooted and grounded to not compare to envy but compare to celebrate differences because we have God himself giving us our identity. I hope you’re inspired by our buddies. But, I also pray you’re inspired to not compare to envy but compare to celebrate to praise God for what others are good at!

Today I want to introduce you to my buddy Sarah. She’s hilarious, loves Jesus and will literally help you in any way she can. One of a billion examples, once I was speaking in Nashville and she came…I had a stain on my shirt and she switched shirts with me before I went on stage. Everyone needs a buddy like this! She is good at community…enjoy!

My name is Sarah Conner and Taylor Swift has nothing on me! Before #squadgoals I had a posse, a tribe, a club, a gang, a team, and a sisterhood!

Friendships are so dear to me and here are two things that have helped me build strong and meaningful relationships in the past. 

True Identity

In my experience, true community requires confidence in your identity in Christ. You must daily remind yourself that your identity is not based on talents, looks, or even your social following. It must be based on your relationship with Jesus. Daily, I have to remind myself that the Lord gave me my own race to run here on earth and I am a daughter of the King with a calling to make disciples in every area of my life. Insecurity distracts me and keeps me isolated from potential friendships. 

No one reflects insecurity more than King Saul who forgot his true identity and got caught up in the comparison game. In 1st Samuel 18, we see King Saul enjoying community with his son, Jonathan, and his son’s best friend, David. In fact, Saul became such good friends with David that he made him the leader of his entire army. However, after a battle, David became more famous than Saul and it made Saul so angry he, “eyed David from that day on.” Saul instantly compared his popularity to David and it ruined their friendship because Saul went from friend to enemy. We can not be a good friend to others when we are caught up in comparison. 

What do you need to be reminded about your identity today? 

Celebrate Your Gifts

It’s so much fun to celebrate the different talents given to the body of believers. I’m sure you know women who are crushin’ it in their mission of making disciples, sharing the gospel, creating art, dancing, singing, raising children, and leading in their communities. I want to be a woman known for cheering my friends in their pursuit of the Lord! 

I do this by sending notes, text messages, and calling my friends when I see them using their gifts. Did they make an awesome appetizer for your brunch? Did they teach their children their memory verse for the week? Did they greet at church like a boss? Did they dominate their work presentation? CELEBRATE! As believers we should be the biggest partiers for we have so much to celebrate! 

So grab some friends, put aside your insecurities, rest in your true identity, and get out there and celebrate something today! 

Sarah Conner loves to see women be unleashed and equipped to live out their passions for the Kingdom, cheering on her Baylor Bears, and drinking all the coffee. Sarah and her husband are currently in the process of adopting their first child. Follow her adventures on twitter at @jsarahconner.