Passover for Christians

When we lived in Harlem, our community group (small groups divided up by neighborhoods) wanted to have a seder. Our leader and several others prepared everything and it was such an amazing, fun, sharpening night together. We LOVED it!

Not long after our mom’s group had a speaker. The President’s wife from Jews for Jesus came to share all about the Jewish festivals she teaches her kids. It was fascinating…like sit on the edge of my seat fascinating. She makes them all super interactive…like dropping 100 ping pong balls on the table during dinner when she’s talking about the 7th plague, hail! 

These experiences sparked my interest but now having kids myself…it is SO fun to teach the whole Bible and that the Word of God is one big story. Example- As we read the Jesus Storybook Bible Easter reading plan I always ask the question, “Eva, why did John the Baptist call Jesus the Lamb of God when he saw Him?” I have asked her enough that she answers, “Because the Lamb died instead of us!” which is the heart of the Passover story and the Gospel. Scripture is ONE BIG story

I want to share a book and website with yall from my good friend Susie Hawkins. It is called Passover for Christians. The site includes all the reading guides, what you need to buy from the grocery store, and activities to have a Passover meal in your home. Everything you need is on their site! A little sampler:

The kid’s reading guide includes blessing your children (something we should be doing continually whether they are 3 or 30) and questions like: 

Question: Why on all other nights do we eat leavened bread, but on this night only unleavened? Answer: When Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites leave Egypt, they had to leave in a big hurry! They didn’t have time for their bread to “rise.”

I honestly can’t wait to do this with my family. Many Christians are celebrating advent- teaching something about Christmas the entire month of December. Similarly, this is a fun and creative way to observe Holy Week with your family ... Before the Easter celebrations.  More than one egg hunt and one church gathering, be intentional and celebrate throughout the week. 

It is a JOY to learn and teach the whole Bible. If you don’t live in the same city as your family, do like we did in NYC and invite over your small group or the group you’re discipling. We would LOVE to see your pictures if you try this. Email them to us and we would love to repost them on instagram! We highly encourage ya’ll to "step into His story"  with us since Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples the night before his death. - Amy