Filling my House with Scripture

I’ll never forget one of my best buds Mona very passionately sharing with me that “Words mean things. This may not seem deep. But, every word means something.”

Recently I took my kids to get donuts after we left the dentist. Don’t judge- I promise them a donut if they’ll be somewhat still at the dentist. They’re always still and I always get an apple fritter with a coffee and chat with the Vietnamese family who owns it. They’re the sweetest. Anywho. We went last week with freshly cleaned teeth and the girl behind me bought our donuts! I was shocked. I said, “If you don’t mind, can I ask why you did that?” She said, “Honestly, it is a $5 minimum and i’m just getting a 50 cent donut. Bye.” She bolted before I could pray with her. Bummer. What seemed like a random act of kindness was really a convenience! What made me feel warm all over quickly felt transactional because of her words. 

Words mean things. They carry weight. Words can heal or wound. Words can make us laugh or angry. Proverbs 18:21 reminds, “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” It is vital to memorize Scripture, so words that bring life are running through your mind. It is great to spend time reading your Bible before you start your day, but it is even better to look at verses continually throughout the day. 

I have verses everywhere in my home. I want to share a few ideas with you, and maybe you cando some similar ones.

My dining room: I LOVE this picture. Besides my family, it is probably my favorite thing in my house. I carried this HUGE, free, empty frame into Home Depot to get them to measure, cut and put plyboard in. I spray painted it chalkboard. Because what self-respecting millennial doesn’t have a can of spray paint in the garage? Then, a sweet college girl drew this in about 15 minutes. I look at this several times a day. I pray that the conversations around my table would bring life: That people who share a meal with us would find Jesus in our conversations. This verse has become my dinner goal. 

Hall closet: Candace, my bestie in NYC shared this list with me and I LOVE IT! Even the days we are not home all day, I still am getting something out of or putting something in this closet at least ten times a day. I read one of them and then say it to one or both of my kids quickly after reading it. They’re both teeny, but they beam when I speak truth into their little hearts.

Kitchen sink: Can I get an amen? The times I’m most tempted to complain are when I have lots to clean or a large dinner to prep and other tasks or people are competing for my attention. I look at this and usually say something like, “This is an everything. Even in this I’m not to complain.” Or, “I would much rather be blameless and pure than frustrated with a delicious casserole. Jesus, you’ve gotta change my attitude.”

Random wall: This things has moved around (because I married a man who has moved me every 18 months since we’ve been married. lol) Currently it is on a random wall. I walk past it and take a deep breath. I can be still on the inside no matter the outward circumstance because my feet are firmly planted on the Rock, Jesus. 

And, you don’t simply have to use these ideas in your home. When I worked at our church I always had 1-2 post it notes on my computer screen with verses I changed out. In college, I used to have a different verse every month on my dashboard. I would read it at every stoplight. Then, I missed an oil change, so maybe don't do that one. If you have places or creative ways you look at God’s Word often, please share in the comments. I have a few more random walls! - Amy