Crafts + Conversation: DIY Tassel Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are super trendy right now. I want to put a wall hanging on every wall in my house! Of course we could go out and buy one, but isn't it so much better when we make our own? 

Today I've rounded up a few different ways to make simple tassel wall hangings that your girls will love! This is a craft that's great for girls of all ages as well as big and small groups. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Pick fun colors, but lean heavy on the neutrals. 

  • Scissors
  • Dowel rods, sticks, or anything to serve as a base for the tassels to hang on. 
  • Cardboard, card stock, or a book (we need to wrap the yarn around something to make the tassels)

Before we focus on wall hangings, we've got to learn how to make tassels. Check out this DIY yarn tassel tutorial from Ann Marie Loves.

When making tassels you can make them as long or short as you want them. Another fun tip is to tie a different color yarn around the middle!

Now that we've got the tassel making basics down, let's get started on assembling our wall hangings! 

Modern Tassel Wall Hanging from Homey Oh My!

I love how the beads are incorporated! I also love the all black. Very cool and modern. 

I really love how this one uses a stick for the base. Very affordable (free!!). 

As you can see, you can do no wrong when it comes to wall hangings. You can even get crazy and dip dye your yarn tassels like the pictures above! The sky is the limit on creativity! 

While the girls are crafting or while admiring each others work, take time to talk about the importance of reading the Bible. How the Bible is our daily nutrients and that we need those nutrients every day. You can ask them what they are reading or if they are reading the Word consistently. If they are, encourage them. If they aren't encourage them to start! 

We'd love to see pictures of your Crafts + Conversations party! Share them with us! If you have any suggestions for crafts or would like to write a Crafts and Conversations post, let us know by emailing us at - JJ