Redeeming Conversations

Words. Our days are filled with them. Conversations take place in the majority of our wakeful hours. They are things that we do not typically put much thought toward. They flow out of us without much intentionality, because we don’t think that they could really be catapults of life change, and dare I say it, global impact.

But what if we really started believing that God might just use our conversations to change the world?

As you read through the New Testament as the gospel is spreading and people are responding with repentance and faith in Christ as their Savior, it always happens with words. God uses spoken and written words to unlock understanding of his glorious gift of salvation to hearts that need to walk from death to life.

What if we believed that God wants to use the words from our mouths in our everyday lives for eternal impact?

God has called each of his children to be a part of his life-giving work of salvation as messengers of his gospel message on this earth. This happens through our conversations.

So often we limit moments of sharing the gospel to mission trips and activities with our churches. But what if we approached our daily lives and the conversations we have as moments of eternal collision of our sharing the truth of God’s goodness with those who are in desperate need of his hope?

What if we no longer lulled our way through our days with conversations of things that are fleeting? We use our words for so many things other than the highest things. We talk about celebrities, sports, tests, trips, drama, boys, friends, and the list goes on and on. But how often do we allow those conversations to end before we ever mention the beautiful name of Christ? Or what the Lord is teaching us? Or offering a word of encouragement to a friend? Or spending a moment in prayer for someone who is hurting or in need?

What if we believed our conversations matter? What if we believed our conversations could be used by God to change the world?

What if we redeemed conversations? Each day of your life is filled with words. You have a choice of what words will come from your mouth. You have the opportunity to steer conversations. What would it look like to use your words for the glory of God? What if we really lived out Colossians 3:2 and thought about the things that are above and allowed our words to flow from that?

Today, God could use a conversation you have to lead someone from death to life. Tomorrow, God could use a conversation you are a part of to give hope to someone who feels like they have nothing to hold onto. Next week, God could use a conversation you are part of to give you words to pray for someone and bring a miracle in their life. Next month, God could use your conversations to spark revival in your city.

What if we redeemed conversations and it changed everything in our homes, in our churches, and in our world? - Becca