Its Wednesday...

It’s Wednesday. Maybe you started this week with us on Monday with the challenge of “imitate me” like Paul said. But it’s Wednesday. You are halfway through a week that has maybe brought you to a place of just feeling tired. Maybe you have no idea how on earth you are going to be able to accomplish everything that has to be done. Or maybe your alarm clock is going off early so you can spend time reading the Word and you feel like your body is just saying no way.


How do we keep up? How do we live faithfully in the things the Lord has called us to? How do we continue to walk daily in a manner that makes much of the Lord and tangibly demonstrates how to follow Christ in our daily lives?

Personal discipleship requires time, energy, and intentionality. We do not magically just become more like Christ when we wake up in the morning. Spending time in God’s Word and prayer matter.

And when you are involved in life-on-life discipleship, breaks are not really a thing. God does not work in the lives of the people we lead only in the times that are convenient for us. And life events definitely do not take place based on the best scenario for our calendars.

So how do we live lives worthy of imitation when it’s Wednesday? The good news is in Colossians…

“For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.”Colossians 1:29

Let that sink in.

In these beautiful words, we are reminded that God works his powerful energy within us. We are not in this alone. On this Wednesday, be encouraged that the energy of Christ is within you. In the moments when your flesh feels weak, remember Christ’s energy is in you. When the weight of daily discipleship hits you. remember Christ’s energy in you. When you don’t feel like you can move at the sound of your alarm clock, remember Christ’s energy.

Give thanks to the Lord for his powerful work in you daily. That is a powerful part of following God that the people who are watching your life can learn. Lead your people to imitate your reliance and dependence on Christ’s energy in you. So often we can fall prey to the belief that we have to do everything right and that our lives should look Pinterest perfect for those we lead.

When we reach the end of what our flesh is capable of, God might just blow us away with his power at work through us. Praise God that he doesn’t need our abilities or energy. But I am so grateful and humbled that he chooses to use them.

If you relied on the energy of Christ’s powerful working in you today, what might happen? How would that change the way your people imitate you? - Becca