Sacred Holidays

Christmas is and always has been my favorite time of year. My Neenee’s famous line was, “When are we getting together again?” We would have been together from 8 am to 2 pm on Christmas Eve, she’d ask her question and we would go home to change clothes and go straight back over at 4 that day until we were almost falling asleep and went home.

Fast forward my life a few years. I am married and we share our holiday time between two families, friends, and we have two toddlers. Let’s just say, when you’re 19 and you wake up from a nap to watch White Christmas while gorging on homemade Christmas candy leisurely, it’s a little different than this season. (ha!) But, I’m committed to my faith and family and soul to make Christmas a time of renewal and joy and traditions like it was for me growing up, not just a hurried blur.

Enter our new friend Becky. Several years ago, she had enough of the holiday overwhelm and desperately wanted to connect with Christ during the holidays, not become more distant from Him. Holiday after holiday she found herself caught up in the chaos of the holidays, some parts were so wonderful and some, well, not so wonderful. After talking to lots of her friends, Becky realized she wasn't the only one that felt distracted or distant from God when celebrating His birth (Christmas/Advent) or His death and resurrection (Easter/Lent).

Sacred Holidays started in the fall of 2014 with a simple vision of equipping women with a Bible study to connect them to the heart of God during Advent (Christmas).

The purpose is still the same, just expanded:  

“We desire to connect the heart of women, men, teens, and families to the heart of God during peak seasons of their lives-- the holidays they celebrate. We offer Bible studies during Advent and Lent, and free resources all throughout the year on our blog and for our email subscribers.”

We want to introduce you to Becky and this resource, because as mentors, holidays are a time for extended reflection with our families and community. We CAN both live that AND model that for those we mentor. Also, Becca and I were given the lovely opportunity to write for their teen advent Bible study this year!

EVEN BETTER... Who wants a 10% OFF code? Because, we wrote for the Sacred Holiday's Advent (Christmas) study, He Is: The Attributes of God for Teen Girls (but remember they have options for women, families, and men too)! Go to to check out the shop and use code THEPERCH to get 10% OFF your total order.

All of their studies this year focus on attributes of God, so this would be AMAZING for you to do with those you mentor and your entire family. We will be doing this study and posting what we are learning and would love for you to join us!! Use the hashtag #perchadvent Advent begins November 27th, so don’t delay in getting your copy of this fantastic resource! - Amy