Teaching Obedience: The Culture

The Bible continually reminds us that God is love and we show Him that we love Him by trusting His ways and obeying Him. Here are just a few examples:

John 14:15- If you love me, you will obey my commandments.

John 15:14- You are my friends if you do what I command you.

Since obeying Christ is how we fully experience intimate friendship with him, how do we teach obedience as life giving and not life draining?

It is no shocking secret that one of the defining characteristics when you read articles about Gen Y is that we are “entitled.” I read a few fascinating articles that many companies are now doing away with their HR department and hiring one HR person, because they no longer have vacation days. Once you have worked there several months, you have unlimited vacation as long as you get your work done from wherever you are. Other companies offer promotions after one year, or for part of the work day to be done at Starbucks and the list goes on. Companies are shifting organizational charts and entire work cultures to cater to this generation. How do we teach the art of trusting Christ above temporary comfort to a generation that is catered to in not just this area, but many areas? How will we teach obeying Christ to a generation that has rules rewritten to meet their expectations?

How do we teach that life is found when we trust and obey in a culture that teaches- you are so valued we will cater to your demands. I think this is a great question to ask in a group. I wish I had the answer! My husband and I had a great conversation asking this question. At the end of it, heshrugged and said, “They should just all listen to more Piper.” ha! Not a bad start. Here are a few ideas:

1. Aim at obedience.

 We must teach it, model it, and keep each other accountable to obey. If we never aim for it, we obviously never reach it.

2. Give your disciples great examples of people who have obeyed. 

It is so easy to compare ourselves to the person in our town, our age, and in our season. Put a biography like Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot in their hands and meet weekly to talk about the faith they see.

3. Read Acts

Read a chapter of the book of Acts with them every day and meet weekly asking obedience questions (read previous post).

The Bible’s mandate is clear, and I need more sharpening in this area. I would love for this topic be a conversation. Please comment below or email us your thoughts and suggestions for teaching obedience with this particular cultural hurdle or if you have great questions you use! - Amy