Job Descriptions and Interview Questions for Girls' Ministry Positions

We started a series last fall all about interviewing for a girls ministry job. We included questions and specifics to pray through for ladies interviewing and also questions to ask and questions to be prepared for those interviewing someone for a girls ministry position. To finish this series (unless you have more questions) we are including a job description and questions that a church in Oklahoma uses. Shoutout to our friend Jonathan for having a detailed plan that is fantastic! 

His church uses this job description:

The purpose of the Student Ministry Associate is to help female students (6th-12th) connect with Jesus Christ and to each other. The Student Ministry Associate will gain experience in planning events, building relationships with teenagers, helping lead a team of volunteers, and assisting the Student Pastor. On a weekly basis the Associate will plan events, meet with girls, develop leaders, and relationally connect with students. She will work 15 hours a week with consistent office hours and evening/weekend responsibilities.

He uses these questions during the interview process:

1.  Why are you particularly interested in the Girls Ministry position?

2. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? In 10 years?

3.  What particular tasks in ministry (or life) do you feel you particularly enjoy and/or have an aptitude/gifting for?

4.  If someone wrote your biography, what would be two common themes throughout its’ chapters?

We wanted to give you something that a church is using instead of dreaming up the perfect job description (something like…. unlimited chick-fil-a card and only does discipleship). 

If you're a student pastor, we hope this gives you a good starting place and some resource to pray through and see how the Lord would direct you depending on the Gospel, staff needs, and your overall church culture.

If you're in girls ministry, please do not use this as a comparison tool. This is one church’s job description. If you are discontent with your job and wish it looked more like the above description, remember your identity is not primarily found in your vocation but found in Jesus. Pray for contentment and seek wise counsel before speaking to your boss (your God-given authority) or passive aggressively clicking forward (ha!).

A verse that anchors me is Philippians 4:5-  “Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand;” Write this down on something and memorize it! When you feel frustrated, stuck, or generally discontent spend uninterrupted time in God’s Word. Ask the Lord to flood you with wisdom and that the words that come from a full and wise heart would be reasonable and that that reasonableness would be known to everyone. We hope this post promotes unity as you seek Christ’s kingdom first as a team! - Amy