How to Pray for Dnow

That’s right. We’re still talking disciple now! To finish off this week’s focus on DNow’s, we’re talking about prayer!

DNow is about the church. It’s not just some event that happens in student ministry. So many times DNow is prepared for, takes place, and is finished without the church body as a whole even knowing what is going on. But really, DNow might just be the weekend this year that has the greatest impact on your church body.

More than likely not every member of your faith family is going to be a volunteer at DNow (but if they do, that would be awesome and we would LOVE to hear what that looks like!). Everyone is not a small group leader, host home, driver, rec coordinator, or food service specialist. But everyone does have a role in DNow. Everyone can take part in prayer.

In the busyness of preparing for the weekend, we can at times overlook prayer. Maybe your staff prays. Maybe you ask the small group leaders and host homes to pray. You might even ask the students to pray. But do we ask the entire church to pray?


This might look different in every church. Maybe there is a dedicated time of prayer in a weekly worship gathering. You might invite everyone to join you on the Tuesday night before to prayer for an hour. If your church sends out an email to all members, include it there. Ask on Twitter. Any means you use to ask for prayer works!

One of my favorite things I have ever been a part of in the realm of DNow is prayer bracelets. We purchased a ton of either the paper or plastic wristbands that you can find for a very affordable price. We wrote the name of every student (first name only) on a bracelet. The Sunday before DNow began, we passed out the bracelets after the morning worship service(s) and asked everyone who took a bracelet to commit to praying specifically for that student written on their bracelet for the entire week.

Students were being prayed for by name. Adults throughout the church (and even kids!) were connected to DNow by prayer. The body was working together. Everyone was playing a part. DNow is not just something student ministry does, it’s about the church. God can and does work through DNow weekends in gigantic ways. Maybe he will ignite revival in the church that begins with students. The Lord might open the eyes of the church to the power of prayer.

You can plan the best dnow ever, but if the powerful hand of the Lord is not involved, what’s the point? God has given us the means to call on his power: prayer. His Holy Spirit is eager to move. Our role is to ask him through prayer.

What to pray for:


  • Pray for those who are not followers of Christ. Pray that this might be the weekend that they turn from sin and trust in Christ.
  • Pray for students who are believers. Ask the Lord to open their eyes to greater knowledge and understanding of his truth.
  • Pray that students would take opportunities to grow in relationship and fellowship with one another. That they might stir one another on to love and good works.


  • Pray for energy and endurance. It is a long and taxing weekend.

  • Ask the Lord to give them specific examples and illustrations to share while teaching.

  • Ask the Lord to focus their minds and hearts.

  • Pray that they would have opportunities to spend intentional time with their students.

Host Homes

  • Ask the Lord to give parents the opportunity to tangibly show the love of Christ to the student staying in their home

  • Pray for their words to be filled with kindness and encouragement.

  • Ask the Lord to keep their minds centered on the incredible opportunity of ministry to show these students the biblical picture of marriage.

  • And of course, for energy and endurance!

Speaker/Worship Leader

  • Ask the Lord to prepare their hearts to lead your students.

  • Pray that their actions and words would be intentional with your students.

  • Ask the Lord to use them as powerful mouthpieces of his truth.


  • Pray for wisdom as different situations arise throughout the weekend.

  • Pray for patience and flexibility as something always doesn’t go according to plan.

  • Ask for intentional words for each student.

  • Pray for  energy and endurance...a lot of it!

We hope that you're DNow is a major influence in the life of your students this year. Praying for you! - Becca