How do I share my spouse with ministry?

Well, we did a periscope…or, as I lovingly call it perch-iscope.

For our first perch-iscope I sat down with my good friend Susie Hawkins. She is wise, fun, and real. I know in this era of the overshare on social media “real” can be overused. But, Susie really is. She will tell you the truth based on God’s Word, and that coupled with her years of varied ministry experiences make her someone you want to sit and have coffee with as much as possible to soak up the wisdom. 

I asked her the question, “How do I share my spouse with ministry?” Enjoy her answer before continuing reading.

 Sadly youtube cut off the first 3 mins of our video including my intro of her. If you know how to fix this…tell us! ha

I LOVED her advice throughout. One part that struck me was the reminder that, “…so much of ministry is giving a good, godly model of marriage and children.” I can remember being in vocational girls ministry and in the middle of a great conversation with a girl or leader, but I had to leave because I had plans with my husband. I would say something like, “I don’t want to cut us short, but we have plans. You’re welcome to come to my house and help me get ready for dinner and join us?” Or, “before we meet again next week can you write down a few of these thoughts and we can reconvene?”

Often, they needed to go because of homework or prior commitments too. But, sometimes they'd do some homework then come over to walk my dog with me or they would come help me cook dinner before they went home. Now that I’m many years away from my first year in vocational girls ministry and being a newlywed, SO many of my upperclassmen students are married or engaged. Modeling is key, and I am both thrilled and have a fear of God moment at the same time thinking of what they learned about marriage from what they saw in me. Hopefully they saw someone who loves her husband, honors and encourages him with my time, words, and friendship, enjoys his company, married a godly man who loves Jesus and others, etc etc etc. 

Fast forward, I have 2 small kids. Last summer my husband and I led college ministry in our church. Getting coffee in a cozy coffee shop for hours isn’t realistic in this season for me. But, inviting girls over to sit on the couchand drink coffee while my babies run around and play is. Great, healing, Gospel-filled conversations can and do happen in homes and in any season. I pray these girls saw a mom who loves her kids and doesn’t see raising and discipling them as a chore/inconvenience/barrier to happily sitting in a coffee shop.

I’m not a perfect wife or mom. But, I can happily abide in my Savior, Jesus Christ and with grace received and grace extended be very aware that I’m modeling my season to girls 1 season or several seasons behind me. What a great reminder that should have us all praying and trusting the Holy Spirit to bear fruit in and through us. 

What is helpful to you in the video? We would love to hear- please comment below! Also, we will be having a monthly guest and asking a question on perch-iscope. We would love to hear some questions that would mentor you and equip you to mentor! - Amy 

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