Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hey there! JJ Here! 

Today I'm not bringing you a Crafts + Conversation idea like I have in the past. Today we're getting personal and deep. 


2 months ago I made some major changes in my life that have not only impacted me physically, but greatly impacted my relationship with Christ. I was at a point in my life where I was really unhealthy. I had a breaking point, "ah-ha! moment" where I ultimately realized that there was a major area deep within me that I had completely ignored for years. It was my weight.

There was a giant space in my soul that I'd never let God get his hands on.

I overate and picked / prepared unhealthy food for a number of reasons. Reason number one was to feel good even just for a moment. It never crossed my mind that God wanted to satisfy that deep longing within me with His presence and truth in a more filling way than food could ever taste. The first week that I gave up carbs, sugar, and all comfort food led me to this major realization:

I could ask God to satisfy me and he would do it. I didn't need mac n cheese. I didn't need pasta. I didn't need ice cream. I needed Jesus. 

As I mentioned earlier, it's hard for me to hide my emotions. Prior to June of this year, I was not who I wanted to be. I was not spending intentional time reading God's word, spending time in prayer, seeking community with others, or talking about issues. However, I was spending a lot of time with food. I was the heaviest I've ever been and I could feel that weight all over. Especially in my soul. I could turn on the happy attitude for a crowd, but the people who knew me best knew that something was off. 

After I began this lifestyle change, new things started unlocking within my mind and heart. I was renewed with a sense of purpose, hope, joy, and satisfaction because I was seeking God and glorifying him through what I ate. I'd never done that before! This may sound weird, but I didn't just feel better physically. I was trusting God in new ways. Breaking up with carbs and sugar has been the hardest and best thing I've ever done.

I wanted to share that with you today to encourage you. Whatever your struggle may be, Christ is better. Surrender it. Give it up. Let God have the places you ignore. We're made for so much more. 

I've lost over 30 pounds so far, but have gained so much more in my walk with the Lord than ever before! 

I've been writing a personal blog about this whole process. Check it out if you like. It's only there to glorify God and for me to look back and remember where I've been and what all I've learned. Praying for you as you grow in Christ - JJ