Team Mom

It is exciting to equip parents, leaders, and girls! But, there are not enough hours in the day to spend time with everyone in your group. The Bible teaches us to share ministry and bless others by equipping them and launching them to use their gifts and experience.

I had great friendships with many of the moms when I was a Girls Minister, but the Lord showed me that many of them needed further advice and counsel that I simply wasn't able to give- some because of a lack of experience and some because of a lack of time. God gave me the idea of“Team mom.” (I don’t recommend using this name, because most people thought I said Teen Mom and I had to spell it every time. ha)

I chose 8 of the middle schools and high schools that had the most students in our ministry. I made a list of 2 moms for each of the schools and emailed them asking them to meet for coffee so I could share an exciting new opportunity with them. We played the calendar game for about 2 weeks and got everyone together. I shared that my advice and time were limited, because I had never walked with my own child through certain struggles. I wanted to offer them as a resource to other moms to meet with for a cup of coffee, prayer, with an opportunity to be heard and an opportunity to listen to their wisdom. I reminded them of personal stories I had seen and heard and knew they were the women to start this.

I asked what were the 3 areas, both based on passion and experience that they would like to speak into. They shared everything from dating to technology to poor grades to eating disorders to parenting the overachiever. What a blessing! 

I made a list of the moms, the school their student attended and the 3 areas they could speak into. When a mom met with me, I would pray with her listen and share. If she needed further help I would say, “I know a fantastic mom whose daughter goes to the high school that your middle schooler will go to next year. I would love for y'all to get a cup of coffee. She’s on a team of moms who meet with others mom for coffee and conversation.” Or, I would pair the moms based on the shared experience. “I know a really wise mom who walked through her daughter dating last year. She is passionate about how to set boundaries and expectations and instill wisdom in your daughter in this area. Can I give you her email to get a cup of coffee?” 

Some of you are thinking- I’m starting this today! Great! Let me know how it goes!!

Some of you are thinking- how did you pick and not play favorites? I asked women who I had observed their high character, wisdom, love for God’s Word and prayer, and an overall heart to serve. I didn’t promote this, so some moms wouldn’t feel left out. I offered it to moms who needed further help, and usually those moms aren’t telling everyone they need help. I never had any hurt feelings. I think because it wasn’t promoted and I shared it personally to moms in need. 

Some of you are thinking what if the mom from “Team Mom” shares something unbiblical or gives advice you don’t agree with? Take your time and pray over the team you assemble. Women who disciple others, lead studies, and love their families, are great women to start with. Remind them if they don’t have an answer from God’s Word or their experience to calmly and confidently say, “I don’t know the answer. Let’s call (your name) and you make the call if they need counseling or how you can help. Remind the team of their purpose to encourage and sharpen not fix or judge. When you listen, pray, and maybe even cry with with someone who is hurting instead of simply giving answer, healing begins to happen. Above all pray the conversations and encourage these women by keeping them sharpened with great articles, verses, and care.

I’m so thankful for this ministry that allowed me to share ministry with wise women! Who are the moms in your ministry you can encourage to reach out to other moms? I encourage you to pray and try to identify 3-5 today. - Amy