Fashion + Modesty

Today we have a guest post from our friend and fellow blogger, Madeline. Check it out! 

Hello, friends! My name is Madeline and I’m from Dallas, Texas. After graduating from Prestonwood Christian Academy and completing two years at Texas Tech, I am pursuing a career in dental hygiene.

It is humbling to me to have the opportunity to write about something that I love and am so passionate about: fashion & modesty. Yes, these two go together. Though fashion is constantly changing, modesty is built on elegance, grace, and poise. I recently launched a fashion and lifestyle blog called Miss Madeline Rose.

From formal events to accessorizing my high school uniform, fashion has always been a creative outlet for me. Recognizing this, and connecting it with truth has helped me to see how important it is to pursue my passion with confidence though it can often be looked at as vain or materialistic. 1 Peter 3:3-4 reminds us that what we put on, even before our physical #ootd (outfit of the day in blogger lingo), must be the gentle and quiet spirit that yields a heart motivated to be precious in His sight.

When I was in middle school crop tops were all the rage. I vividly remember sitting in the food court one day with my family and a girl with a crop top walked by. My dad turned to my younger sister and me and said if either of us ever wore a shirt like that he would wear one too (out in public, might I add), but it would say “I am Madeline & Caroline’s dad.” It may seem silly, but that image - a terrifying one at that - stuck with me!

There was more to him trying to embarrass me that kept me from caving in to the exposed midriff trend. I did not want him to be disappointed in me. I praise the Lord for giving me a father who has modeled what it looks like to pursue, provide, and protect his household of girls (bless his heart). His pursuit of me was well received and I can honestly say I did not struggle to find affection elsewhere.

However, approval was, and still is, another thing. I knew my parents loved me despite my sin and mistakes, but there was a drive in me to pursue perfection which made it easy to not want to dress in ways that were not pleasing to my parents or the Lord. 

Friends, as Christians we are called to bear His image. We behave how we believe. If we believe we are loved and accepted by our Creator we won’t be seeking the approval and attention of others. Everyday at 1:10 p.m. my phone alarm alerts me of Galatians 1:10. Who am I trying to please? Though I love and adore my Dad, my choice to be modest has been turned towards Christ and my desire to please Him. 

Now, let’s talk fashion! Some of my favorite fashion trends for fall are capes, culottes, over-the-knee boots and blanket scarves. Believe it or not, crop tops are also in right now. I have found that pairing them with high waisted shorts, skirts, or even culottes creates a classy look while still being in on the trend! I’d love to invite you to stop by my blog and check out some of these fashion finds at or follow me on Instagram at @madelinemittel. 

bloom & grow forever,

Madeline Rose