We Speak!

A couple of weeks ago I (Amy) had the privilege of teaching a great group of girls and ladies from all over the south at an event in Oklahoma. As I finished I read Colossians 1:28- “Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” I said, “Today, I have warned and taught you because as older women we want to present a generation to Jesus who is mature- who loves Jesus, follows Him, and tells everyone about Him.”

Later I was reflecting on my statement and the event as a whole. I LOVE getting to disciple girls locally and I LOVE making new friends to share my faith with. And, I LOVE getting the opportunity to teach, train and warn people I haven’t met yet in cities I’ve yet to visit.

I’ve been traveling and speaking for several years now, but honestly when another friend suggested we do a speakers tab on the blog I had a moment where I felt filled with fear and doubt. The thought of someone mistaking my motives for self-promotion…the thought of someone thinking “to speak” is the reason we did this blog…I cringed.

I had a sharpening conversation with a dear friend recently and shared that I really love speaking.She lovingly reminded me that if someone mistakes my motives, that isn’t my fault and and my fear surrounding something the Lord is gifting me in isn’t great either. (PS If you don’t have a friend who encourages you and tells you the truth reminding you of your identity in Christ…pray for one and find her ASAP!) 

I’m humbled and thrilled that Bec and I can teach and train a variety of ages and different topics. I’m beyond blessed that we are ALL in this together- people who sow daily and people who come in to water for a weekend. I love that life change happens when someone hears something several times and in different ways. I love that we are all gifted in different ways and we all fit in one body for the glory of God.

So, this roller-coaster of emotion post and inner monologue has been to introduce our new Speaking Tab. When you click over you can see where you'll fill out a short form, and we will get back with you within a week! We are already excited to meet you and chat with your people! - Amy and Becca