5 Goals for Small Groups

I don’t know about you guys, but I often times enter small group feeling rather overwhelmed. There is so much they need to know! There is so much I need to warn them about! If I don’t tell them all of these 49 things this week they’ll never hear them! 

No lie. These thoughts go through my head every week. See, I lead a small group of 12 of the most fabulous 10th grade girls. And I really do love them. I started leading their small group at the beginning of their 9th grade year and here we are a year later still kicking it.

There are some weeks that I’m prepping for our time together up until the point that we sit down together in our little circle. I find myself trying to cover so many different bases in our time together. I have to continually remind myself that maybe this isn’t my best tactic. Me attempting to pour out everything I know and every thought I’ve had in the last week is probably not my best move.

So, I came up with 5 goals that I want to accomplish each time our small group meets together. 

1. Me

Every week, I want to share something that the Lord is teaching me, how He is leading, changing, and working in my life. I want my girls to see me following the Lord. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul says, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” My desire is to say that to my girls and for them to have an on-going picture of what that looks like. 

2. Them

I want to know what is going on in their lives every week. We keep in touch in between our time together, but I want to hear from them in person. Sharing our lives with one another instructs us how to pray for one another, opens doors for encouragement, allows us to carry one another’s burdens, learn from one another, and grow in community. 

3. Truth 

I want them to walk away with at least one piece of truth from Scripture. We will spend time in small group digging into this truth and picking apart the passage we are studying. (Disclaimer: I struggle with not trying to work in 17 pieces of truth.) The purpose of focusing in on one is to allow for time to really talk through the meaning, to reach understanding that will give them opportunity to continue thinking on, and prayerfully the Spirit will work to transform their lives based on that truth. 

4. Action

We don’t stop at just studying a passage. We look at how this truth impacts, changes, and shifts our lives. Before we walk out of small group, I want them to have one action step to apply to their daily lives. 

Obedience based discipleship is what we’re after. 

5. Prayer

Yes, we cover prayer requests in this section, but it’s also for so much more than that. I want my girls to learn to pray through truth they see in the Word and seek the Lord’s work in their lives to transform them. 

I want my girls to learn the discipline of praying Scripture. 

These five goals keep me focused each week in preparation and in the hour we have together. They also keep me sane and my girls from feeling like they’re sitting in a lecture. - Becca