7 Ways to Find Small Group Leaders/Volunteers

The ideal situation is to walk into a new position with an abundance of incredible adult ladies who love the Lord so steadfastly, are faithfully committed to pouring out their heart each week, and love those girls just as much as you do. The reality might be more that you are in need of people to do this alongside of you. 

And it might even be this awesome need you have because you are bursting at the seams with all of these girls who want to be part of a small group/Bible study. 

So how does that happen? Where do you find those people? Let me share some ideas on finding volunteer/leaders with you: 


Before you do anything else, this is the absolute most important place to start. The Lord works in the lives of people in so many different ways. You never know whom the Lord will be leading towards your ministry as you are praying.

What does the Bible say?  Is there a biblical imperative? Are we called to make disciples of the next generation? Yes! And that call goes out to all believers. In God’s design, parents are to be the primary disciple-makers of their kids. In addition to that, God calls the church to come alongside of parents for each student’s growth in godliness. That’s what Titus 2 is all about. It takes a church. 

1. Communicate the high calling

We are to be disciple-makers in the church and in the world. You are not asking people to babysit. You are asking people to pour their lives into the lives of others for the glory of God. No small task. Speak confidently of this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way.  

2. Share the need

In my perfect world, everyone would just automatically know what I need and I would never even have to ask. Unfortunately that is not how things work. People need to know that you need help. Don’t be afraid to make the ask. 

3. Share the stories

Tell people what is going on. Share the stories of how you are seeing God at work in the lives of students. It’s amazing how much more open people are to things when they can hear/see a real picture of what is going on. I talk about my girls all of the time. I kind of like to think about it like the game of inception. I’m planting the idea of something awesome in their mind and praying that God will move and give them a desire to lead. 

4. Be excited

This is not a burdensome task you are asking people to be a part of. It is a joy-filled opportunity to follow the Lord’s command. This is an awesome thing we get to do! 

5. Ask other leaders

If you already have some leaders/volunteers in your ministry, it is likely that they know some people that you don’t. Ask for their help in finding more leaders. A large number of the leaders in our student ministry are there because someone who was already leading invited them to join our team. 

Start praying and start talking to people. The burden of finding volunteers is not on you. God is the one who is in control of this whole thing. Rely on Him and trust Him. That's your responsibility. As you are doing that, you're doing your part. Communicate your need and pursue people. - Becca