A Tribute to our Dads

I’m not going to lie to you guys. My (and J’s) dad is one of the greatest. Ever. He loves the Lord. He is kind and gracious. He puts the needs of others far ahead of his own comfort. He goes out of his way to care for and help people. He’s filled with joy and usually the guy telling the story. He has loved my sister, my mom, and myself so well. 

When I was little, I got to watch my dad leave a successful job as an accountant to become a pastor at our church. I watched him follow the Lord faithfully to a new season of life. At the time, I had no idea what all that meant for him. I also remember the countless days that he spent intentional time with me and J. He read us Bible stories, coached softball practice in the backyard, helped us on our forehands on the tennis court, and took us on great adventures throughout the U.S. 

As I reflect back on life with my dad, I don’t think about any material things he gave me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great gift giver and always provided so well for us. I remember the time he pulled the car over to help a lady change her flat tire. I remember never playing a tennis match when he wasn’t watching intently just on the other side of the fence. I remember the late nights he got out of bed to go comfort a family in the hospital. I remember when he was diagnosed with a tumor on the outside of his brain. He trusted God to provide a cure. 

I have had the incredible privilege of watching my dad walk faithfully with the Lord for my entire life. There is one piece of truth that I think he has preached to me more times than one could possibly count. He says, “If you never learn anything else from your dad, know that our God is always faithful and He never leaves you.” I have heard those words so many times, but I believed them because I watched my dad live his life on that. -Bec

It's hard to sum up my dad in a paragraph- there is so much I love about him. One defining characteristic that really stands out to me is he is generous. He is generous with affirmation. Even as an adult if he and my mom are in town visiting he tells my brother and I how proud he is of us and how beautiful he thinks I am. He is generous with his time. He has planted countless churches, but I never doubted or felt insecure for one second that there was even a choice between his care for our family and the ministry- he lovingly included us and was generous with his time and attention with us. He's generous in serving. When I would pop in from college and wake up from a nap, I would find him outside in the heat washing my car. He and my mom regularly visit orphanages, spread the Gospel where it isn't presented, and deeply love my family.
I walk with Jesus, largely because I was blessed with a dad who generously gave his life to show us God's love.
Happy Father's Day, dad. You're my hero. - Amy 

Ps. Mom, can you email this to dad? He still isn't super great with the World Wide Web..

We know that we wouldn't be who we are without the love and influence of our dads. We hope that you're able to take some time to spend some time with your dad this weekend!