Girls Summer Bible Study Recommendations

We are often asked questions relating to Bible studies and what books to recommend or reference to girls and leaders. So today we'd like to share 2 Bible studies that we recommend to do with your girls this summer... or whenever you want to. Enjoy!

GSBS (Girls Summer Bible Studies) are kicking off this week at The Church at Brook Hills and I am pumped! We will be walking through two studies this summer—one for high school girls and one for middle school I am super excited about these two studies. They are both so well written and I just love the heart behind both of them. 

As I began praying about and thinking what studies we should look at this summer, I picked up “Dwell” by Amy Byrd and Becky Dedge and “Seamless” by Angie Smith and sat down at a little table outside of Starbucks with my iced passion tea lemonade with a shot of raspberry on a beautiful spring afternoon to dig in. After reading through the first week of each study, I knew these would be the ones our girls would walk through this summer. And here’s why…


The heart of this study is to teach girls to love the Word of God and begin the practice of abiding in it. I don’t know about you guys, but that is something that I need to continually strive for and grow in everyday. When you first start out reading the Bible, it can be hard. Hearing other people talk about all that they have gleaned from God’s Word and how much they just love to spend time studying it can be so intimidating.

How do we learn to love to study the Bible? This is a fantastic resource to lead your girls in doing that. Amy and Becky do such an incredible job of relating to girls in a very relatable and understandable way. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this study in the lives of middle school girls this summer to draw them closer to Himself and stir their affections for Himself through His Word. 


There is a lot happening in the Bible. Even when you study through different books it can be difficult to see how things fit together. Are these just lots of random stories pieced together to form the Bible? Is God really at work through it all? These are questions I’ve asked throughout my life. I remember being in high school and trying to figure out how all of the pieces fit together. Was God writing one continuous story throughout the Bible? That is a hard concept to grasp.

Angie leads you through God’s continuous story in the Bible in a beautiful conversation throughout “Seamless”. One of my favorite things about this study is feeling like you’re just sitting down having a fun convo with her about the Bible. She takes you deep and helps put the pieces together to grow understanding of the Word. I know this will be a great resource for our high school girls this summer as they begin to see the depths of the wonders of God’s beautiful Word given to us. 

Have you considered having a GSBS? It's not too late to work through either one of these awesome books.  Have you picked a study? Share it with us in the comments. Let the studies begin! -Becca