In the Church

Those are three small words that carry some of our highest callings as believers. I love the picture God paints for us when it comes to the church. Globally and locally the church is united in following Christ and spreading the gospel. We are on this mission together. 

Alongside of one another we learn the truth of Scripture and how it teaches us to think and trains us to act. We worship, study the Word, encourage, sharpen, forgive, grieve, laugh, grow, celebrate, care for, serve, seek justice for, evangelize with, hold accountable, go on mission trips with, love and pray with and for one another.  

Being in the church is not about occupying a space,  because we all know that the church consists of people. We each serve in an active role in the body of Christ. God has created each of us with unique gifts, talents, skills, and likes. He has placed us in specific places amongst certain people. He uses us in different ways that so wonderfully complement one another.  

We want to provide you with resources, articles and equipping that will allow all of us- no matter our location, gift, or role- to be the church. We desire for individuals to not be separate Christ followers but people love others and learn to bear one another’s burdens. We desire that local churches would pray for, encourage and find ways to bless the universal church- our brothers and sisters all over the world.   

We pray that this section would mentor followers of Jesus and equip those who mentor to make more disciples. We love the church. I mean aren’t you so thankful that God instituted family and church? He knows it is not good for us to be alone, and He blesses us with the gift of other believers. 

The church is God’s design of how we are better together. - Amy + Becca