The Gospel + Art

This is Molly. 

She is 14 years old and finishing up 8th grade. It’s impossible to hang out with Molly and not walk away encouraged. Her mouth is filled with kind words and she is quick to speak of the Lord. Her faith radiates through her joyful smile and love she pours over everyone in her life. Recently, I sat down with Molly to learn a little more about one way that she is using her talents for the Lord and the furthering of His kingdom. 

Art is something that ignites passion in Molly’s life. She just loves it. And from an outsider’s perspective, she’s really talented. She has always wanted to use her art for God’s glory. Her desire was to use her talents and the thing she so enjoyed doing for the furthering of God’s kingdom. Molly said, “I didn’t just want to paint a new version of the Last Supper; but something I could engage people with.” But, she didn’t really know what that looked like. 

About a year ago, Molly had an incredibly significant conversation with her sister-in-law during which she learned about henna. Henna is beautiful artwork drawn on hands and feet of women. This is art she could use for the Lord, because there is a way to tell stories of the Bible through henna. 

The match was lit and Molly dove in headfirst. She found the patterns and started practicing. 

She started with easy things and continued to grow. As she became more comfortable with the drawing part, she started practicing the story telling. As Molly draws, she explains what each line and stroke means by talking through a passage of Scripture. 

Molly started wearing henna in public on her hands and feet “as an opportunity to share the gospel because people always ask about it.” She uses these inquiring questions from people to “show them how Jesus is in the art.” 

Right now, Molly is preparing for a mission trip with some other really cool friends from our student ministry. They will be engaging people from different cultures with various belief systems. Molly got all of the girls on the team together to teach them how to use henna to tell people about Jesus. 

This party will filled with laughter, icing (this is what they used in place of the actual henna ink), and intense learning. These girls are learning henna because it “is a way to share Jesus in a way they {the people they will be sharing with} understand.” 

After the practice party, Molly drew the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 on her friend Emily Lane’s hand. Emily Lane is planning to share this story with friends on her soccer team who are not believers. 

Molly is really talented and is finding some incredible ways to use those talents for the Lord. But she knows that this isn’t all about her. In our conversation, she was quick to say, “God is helping me. I need God with henna.” Molly has even experienced God’s work in helping her to be disciplined. “It’s definitely God. I can’t just focus on stuff like this on my own.” 

It is incredible how the Lord gives us different talents, skills, and even the things we enjoy. He wants to use those things for incredible works of His power. Molly is using her love and talent with art to learn henna so that she can share God’s truth with people in her life and people around the world who have never heard before. 

What do you enjoy doing?

What are you good at? 

How can you use those things for the Lord? - Becca