No Girl Left Behind - an Email to Small Group Leaders

Hi Friends! I wanted to share an email with you that I sent to the wonderful small group leaders that I get the privilege of leading alongside of at The Church at Brook Hills. BTW they are awesome….

Hello, ladies!!

Each week, we have a few hundred teen girls walk in and out of our student building. Some traipse through the doors and immediately lock eyes with their best friends and walk swiftly towards warm embraces and exciting stories. Others walk in with their heads low and hearts racing with the desperate hope that someone will notice them. 

The girls who have their people here typically feel more comfortable and are far more likely to participate in small group, go on mission trips, and potentially lead a small group of their own.

But the girls who walk in with fear and anxiety have a tendency to walk away. To never come back. To miss out on the potential of great friendships and accountability partners. They bypass the opportunity to know you.

As small group leaders, we have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those girls who slip in and out of small group so seamlessly. Rather than just watching as they are present for small group one week and then you don’t see them for the next three, let’s do something. 

How would girls respond if they knew that they were missed? How would girls respond if you took the time to write them a note the next day? Or a text message? Or call?

What if we stepped away form just hoping that girls will like us, and secretly wishing that they would deeply love us, and began pursuing them because we love them? Because we care about their relationship with the Lord. Because we want them to experience biblical community and accountability. 

As small group leaders, I want to challenge us to not allow girls to come in and out of Student Ministry incognito. Let’s get to know the ones who are quiet and shy. Let’s reach out to the ones who may not know that they have a place here. 

Each Sunday/Wednesday if there is a girl missing in your small group, make sure she knows you noticed it. Don’t wait until the next Sunday/Wednesday to let her know that her presence was missed.

Let’s step out and make sure that each girl knows that we are not going to leave them behind!

On Sunday and Wednesday, there will be letter-writing supplies in the lobby if you would like to take advantage of that. Don’t worry if you don’t have their address. Just be sure to put their first and last name on the envelope and I will take care of the rest. I would be happy to mail that for you!

Thankful for you!

The follow up matters…immensely. Contacting girls is an easy way to show them how valuable they are and that their presence in your small group/student ministry/Bible study/etc. is vital. 

When girls miss out on something, they start feeling like they no longer have a place. Don’t let them feel left behind. Run hard after them. No girl should ever leave our ministries without being heavily pursued. 

Take a moment this week to get in touch with one or two girls you haven’t seen lately. - Becca