Camp Survival Guide: The Preparation

CAMP!!!! One of the greatest weeks of the year! We all really love camp and have some completely wonderful memories. This summer, I will get to spend two fabulous weeks at camp (one with middle school and one with high school). So in light of camp season being around the corner, we wanted to share a few things with you about preparing for camp, enduring the bus ride, and having a blast while you’re there. Let’s start with the preparation! 

The Swimsuit Saga

It comes every year. The first step is establishing swimsuit expectations. This will be something you will definitely want to communicate in advance. 

At Brook Hills, we have a strict one-piece only swimsuit dress code. Scripture is very clear that our bodies belong to God, therefore the things that we wear and the way that we present our bodies is important (Rom. 12:1; 1 Cor. 6:19-20; Col. 3:17).

Some common pushback you might hear:

“One pieces aren’t flattering.” 
“It is impossible to find a cute one piece.”
“No stores sell one piece swimsuits.”
“I can’t find one that fits me.” 

In response to all of these, listen and hear what they have to say, but stick to your plans. 

Gather up some extra dark colored t-shirts to take with you. We usually have some extra shirts from previous camps, d-nows, and other events lying around. So I pack those up and pass them out to our young friends who opted to not pack a one piece for her to wear on top of her swimsuit of choice. 

The Rooming List 

I could agonize over this for days. I really do want everyone to have a fabulous experience at camp and I want them to enjoy the room they are in. The easy thing would be for every female in your group to stay in the same room. But that isn’t always an option. 

One of the greatest things that has worked for me is to have each student request one other student they would like to be in a room with. This gives me a great starting point and gives students the expectation that they are not necessarily going to be with their 12 best friends in one room. 

I try to spend some time thinking through the dynamics that each different personality creates within a room. 

If there are visitors or students coming who don’t really know anyone very well, I try to pair her up with a girl I know will be considerate and intentional about getting to know her and helping her get to know other people. 

If drama comes when they find out who is in what room, listen to what they have to say—whether it’s a girl or her mom. She wants her side to be heard. Then, calmly remind her that she is in a room with a friend. 

One of the things that I try to reiterate over and over again in the days leading up to camp is that the only time they will be spending in their rooms is to sleep. 

Also, I don’t tell them what room they are in until we get to camp. By that point they are already so excited to be there they don’t freak out quite as much. Their attention is already on the more important things!

Pack the Pads

I have never been to camp (not once) where I didn’t pass out a few feminine hygiene products to different girls who forgot, didn’t pack enough, or started for the first time. I’ve also given numerous lessons on how to use said products, so prepare yourself for that.

Don’t Wear White

When packing your bag, lean away from white shirts. I don’t know how it happens, but somewhere along the way I always end up getting wet at camp. Better safe than sorry. 

Flavor Packets

Crystal Light and Gatorade flavoring packets can be life savers for staying hydrated without hating it because for some reason camp water tastes different. 

Catch Some Zzz’s

Rest up and eat well in the days leading up to departure. You will feel better and the people you are nice to will appreciate it. 

Have so much fun at camp!! Check out Amy’s completely perfect and applicable tips on surviving the 30 hour bus ride! Happy Camping - Becca