Resources for Parents

We want to give you resources that will help you in your home, church and world. Here are a few websites and articles that we highly recommend!

For Dads

10 great principles for Christian Fathers and Husbands shared by Kevin DeYoung

Words Girls Need to Hear From Their Fathers by Amy Jo Girardier 

Fathers, Daughters, and dating Raise a daughter with a fully loaded heart and mind so that a fully loaded shotgun isn’t necessary. 

Dad-Ventures from

For Moms

What I've Learned in Parenting from Lisa Clark

What I've Learned in Parenting from Lisa Clark

The Amazing Calling of Being a Mom by Trillia Newbell

Raising Girls to be Godly Women in a Confused and Conflicted Culture by Nina Fry

Constraint and Consent, Career and Motherhood by Kate Harris

31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for your Children by Bob Hosteler 

For Parents

Richard Ross

One of student ministry's godfathers and our friend Richard Ross has great "learning for life modules," which “provide content for parents to use in conversations with their teenagers—conversations designed to accelerate teenagers toward adulthood.” He also offers free family devotionals specifically designed for parents and students to do together at 

Sticky Faith 

Sticky Faith gives parents and leaders both a theological/philosophical framework and a host of practical relationship and programming ideas that develop long-term faith in teenagers." By signing up for free, parents receive a chapter of a book and leaders receive a book. You also receive a monthly newsletter. 

If you haven't read the book, you can buy it here.

Drive Faith Home

“Homelife is a resource to help families build faith at home. Whether you’re single or married, have young children or are an empty nester, you will find practical resources and step-by-step guidance to help nurture faith at home-tailored ot meet the unique needs of today’s family.” Our church, like many churches, uses HomeLife to get high-quality resources to families. The guides address topics and the blueprints include practical faith-building activities. You can visit to see the resources or you can visit to implement these resources within your faith community. 

We hope you enjoyed visiting these sites, and receiving the freebies and equipping they offer! Any sites you use that you would recommend? Please comment below and share the love! 

Great websites for youth culture:

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Center for Parent / Youth Understanding’s mission is to “Help parents, youth workers, pastors, and others understand and reach today’s youth culture."

Pure Hope

Pure Hope’s mission is to "Our vision is a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness, and we work toward that through our mission of providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture. In short, we equip individuals, families, and churches to pursue sexual purity and oppose sexual exploitation."

Articles to Check out:

Don't Just Wait Until They're Teenagers by Jen Wilken

Teen Rebellion from Focus on the Family

Are you Raising Entitled Kids? from Lifeway

I'd Rather my Children Love Jesus More Than Me; Parent's too Focused on Children's Happiness by Francis Chan 

Student Ministry and Divorce: the Numbers you've Heard Wrong by Ronald Long

Should Parents Monitor their Children? By Andrew Goodman

Teens Spending More on Experiences Less on Possessions by Jim Liebelt

Youth Ministry Bridges Parents and Church by Mark McGary

Can Youth Ministers Actually Work with Parents? by John Pond

Family First in Youth Discipleship and Evangelism by Jon Nielson

Should your middle schooler date? by The Village Church 

Hope you find these helpful! We plan to update this page often, so check back! - Amy