It’s Summer!...Now what do I do with my girls?

Summer is a wonderfully magical time filled with warm weather, lemonade, the beach, hanging out on patios, riding with the windows down, sandals, watermelon, barbecues, and beautiful sunshine. But it also means vacations, camp, mission trips, summer jobs, and activities galore that bring totally different schedules.  

As soon as everything starts changing and you can’t keep up with where your people are everyday, you kind of start wondering, “Well what am I supposed to be doing with my girls this summer?” 

Truly, the answer and drive behind our efforts is the same as the rest of the year: teach them to follow Christ and equip them to share and lead others to Christ. So our purpose is the same, but our methods might look a little different. 

The way that we reach that goal changes in the summer because there isn’t the regular routine that school brings. So the question becomes how do we focus our efforts and time in the midst of the chaos of crazy schedules? 

Start with the things that you already have in place.
Do your weekly meetings still take place in the summer, i.e. like Sundays and Wednesdays?
Will you be going on a mission trip with students? Are you guys going to camp?
Do you have some girls summer Bible studies planned? 

All of these things will give you natural time to spend with your girls. If you are in a place that continues with planned weekly time together such as Sundays and/or Wednesdays, then you can begin to look for more opportunities. If your ministry does not continue with weekly meetings or if they become less frequent in the summer, take the opportunity to add some intentional time with your girls! 

The beauty of the summer is that it opens up so much flexibility for what you can do and when you can hang out with, invest in, and equip girls! So start thinking outside of the box that school creates.

  • Wake some girls up for breakfast on Monday morning. 
  • If you’re a runner, plan a run with all of your cross country and track girls on a Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Get ice cream on Wednesday with the 9th graders. 
  • Invite the 7th graders for an outdoor movie on Thursday night. 
  • Pick a place and time for lunch on Friday and send out a group text or put it on Instagram. 
  • Meet up with the 10th graders at a local park on Saturday for some volleyball, frisbee, board games, etc. 
  • Do you need to go to the grocery store? Take a couple of high school girls with you and let them learn how to make and use a shopping list. 
  • Are there a couple of girls who have been asking how to grow in their faith? Plan a weekly time for you guys to get together. 
  • Have some big readers? Start a book club!
  • Invite the 11th graders over to your house for manicures and share your story of God’s work in your life. 
  • Is there a local ministry you could spend some time with? 
  • Have a lot of prep for _____ to do? Ask them to come help!
  • Plan some final hoorahs with your new college freshmen before they move into the dorms. 

We could really make a list for days! I’m sure you guys have tons of ideas and things you’ve done with girls during the summer that we could all learn from. Make sure to add them in the comments below! 

The main point is really this: spend intentional, quality time with your girls. Take advantage of the flexibility of summer and opportunities warm weather provides. Remember, you don’t have to have huge events to impact girls. Think about activities and normal everyday lifestyle things and make the girls part of them! - Becca