5 Mentoring Activities you can do as a Family

Making disciples includes giving tools and real-life experiences that teach how to invite Jesus into moments, meals, and conversations. Making disciples also includes making memories that remind them of your love and shape them to be prepared for other seasons. 

We believe that parents are the primary disciple makers and discipleship happens in the home. Hope you enjoy these ideas for parents to have those discipleship moments at home.

Have a verse of the day on the breakfast table each morning

Encourage students to screen shot it and glance at it every time they pick up their phone throughout the day. At dinner talk about what they discovered. You can ask, “What words stood out to you today?” “Why did that word stand out to you? “What does that word mean?” 

Read a book as a family

At dinner one night ask your students what are some books they would like to read or who is a Christian author they like. Have some suggestions in mind too to make it a discussion and family vote.  Hopefully they want to read a David Platt or Francis Chan book and it is enjoyable to everyone. It’s ok if you're outnumbered and the book “they pick” ends up being just ok. Be positive and smile that you’ll get to pick the book next time. If you need a suggestion, I suggest Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Think through what will make this enjoyable. Maybe you do it during the summer, so you aren’t competing with homework or as many extra curriculars. 

Remember above all pray before you present this idea and present it in a fun way. Maybe you go out for your favorite ice cream and talk about it there. Maybe you always grill out weekly and talk about it then. I know a few families who do this, and it has ended up being the best discussions they've had as a family.


Podcast something while you’re driving the kids to school

Turn off the radio and crank up some:

If you’re commute is 20 minutes, listen for 12-15 then ask, “Did he/she say anything you have thought of before?” Then ask, “Did he/she say anything you have been thinking about?

Go outside and listen to worship music

Mentoring includes giving tools and lifestyle habits that are helpful. Give your students the experience of “clearing their head” and worshipping God outside. Imagine if your student is away at college in the middle of finals week and completely overwhelmed and they instinctively think: “I need to get outside and listen to some good music” instead of turning to other things to zone out or escape pressure.

Prayer walk your neighborhood

Follow a format, such as the one given below, so everyone is engaged and no one is left out. Share that every person will just pray one sentence per topic. Mom or dad, you lead the first time. The next time, allow your son or daughter to read the statements and lead. 

  • Thankful heart: “What do you see that you can thank God for?” Thank Him for it.
  • Thankful heart: “What do you see that God has made that we get to enjoy?” Thank Him for it.
  • Seeking heart: “Pray one thing for the marriages in out neighborhood.”
  • Seeking heart: “Pray one thing for the kids in out neighborhood.”
  • Thankful heart: “Thank God for something in our family or home.”

What are some mentoring moments you like to do with your family? Let us know in the comments! - Amy