Making the Most of Less Time in the Office

Do you guys have office hours? A list of weekly responsibilities that need to happen?

I do.

Curriculum needs to be available for small group leaders every week. Parents like to know what’s going on. You’ve got to get in touch with the caterer for _______ next week. Your inbox needs responses. Voicemails deserve return calls. Staff meetings are helpful. Spending time with your girls is a high priority. Moms of new girls want to get to know you. Plans for the upcoming school year need to be made. Have you finished the camp rooming list? Do you have all of the supplies for your mission trip? The list goes on and on. 

When summer comes, your responsibilities don’t really change, but your time in the office or at least in a quiet place designed for productivity can become far less. So how do you balance the two? How do you keep up with everything when your weekly schedule changes because of camp, mission trips, summer Bible studies, walks in the park with the 10th graders, lunch with the 7th graders, and of course some last hoorahs with your new college freshmen? 

It all comes down to responsibilities and dreams. 

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of ideas and thoughts about how things could be improved and new things you could implement swimming around in your head all of the time. That creates a lot of dreams. Dreams are things that do not have to happen immediately. Responsibilities, though, are on the more immediate side.

So grab your pen and paper or your cool note taking app and start making some lists. Put everything into one of the two categories. When your time is limited, these lists are quite handy. I keep this list on a little dry erase board on my desk. 

Now comes the fun part: discipline. 

It takes discipline to accomplish the things you have to do before the things that you want to do. Because if we’re just being honest, the things that we want to do can be a lot more fun. But that is the answer, when you’re time is limited, you just have to be disciplined to accomplish the necessities. 

And here comes the beauty of the lists. When you run through the responsibilities for the day/week, let yourself have a little fun and chase a dream. Let the adrenaline of the crazy summer student staff/volunteer schedule push you through. Learn the habit of discipline in the responsibilities before the dreams when time is limited. 

You can do it! Work hard everyday and enjoy it! 

How do you guys keep yourselves on track?