Crafts & Conversation: Pom Pom Wall Art

Hey There! JJ Here! I'm excited to bring a Crafts & Conversation idea your way today! 

I came across this photo on my Instagram feed a few months ago and it blew my mind. As a crocheter / crafter I have a special love for yarn. Ive got yarn stashed in every room in my apartment. Isn't this beautiful!?

This Pom Pom "wreath" "wall hang" whatever you want to call it is absolutely beautiful and not that difficult to make. Before we begin, you need to know what a Pom Pom is. It's a simple little craft that results in something really cute and pretty. Here is a GREAT tutorial on how to make them. Personally, I like to use a pom pom maker. 

Now that you know how to make a Pom Pom, you can show your girls or your friends how to make them. 

This isn't a group craft that everyone does individually and takes home afterwards. This idea is to make a big wall hanging to hang around your youth room, office, or even bless someone with it! It's something that every girl can have a piece of and all of you can remember the fun times you had making it! 

Pro Tip: When you buy your yarn, buy lots of different colors that coordinate together! You can buy the cheap yarn. Save the $$. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions from this blog and it'll be perfect! I know that I said this  the in my previous Crafts & Convo, but I really do want to make one of these... 


Get the girls talking while they are picking out their yarn, making their Pom Poms, and working that hot glue gun! Here is a suggested conversation written by the lovely, Becca. 

Isn't it incredible how we each play a different role in the body? As believers, we are all after the same pursuit. We are after God, his ways in our lives, and his mission through us. But we each have a different part to play in this beautiful story that God is weaving. It's actually a lot like this wreath we are making today. We have one goal that we are all working towards together (finished product), but we will each put different pieces in place to make it. Every little pom pom is necessary for the wreath to look like our goal.

In much the same way, the Lord uses each of us in specific ways to accomplish his purposes on this earth. I love the passage in 1 Corinthians 12:12-13 where we learn that we as believers are all united as one in Christ Jesus. But, that passage goes on to say that as part of the one body of Christ, we each play different roles (1 Corinthians 12:14-31). That is why there are different spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-11). This is why our different likes, talents, and abilities are important.

God did not create an army of robots who were all good at the same things. He made us individually and he has great purposes for our differences. Our different roles do not separate us from one another because God uses them alongside of one another. Our pom poms are cute on their own, but aren't they so much more when they're added together?

God has united us for his great purposes and he has equipped us differently for his great works. What unique attributes has God gifted you with? How are you leaning into the unique way God has created you for his good works? How are you using your gifts, talents, and abilities for the good of other believers? How is God being glorified in your differences? 

If you have a Crafts + Conversation night, share your pictures with us! We'd love to see them! You can tag @theperchblog in your pictures and use #craftsandconversation. Happy Crafting! - JJ + Becca

Attributes: Sugar and Cloth