Conversations + Your Ministry

Who do I talk to first? And what do we talk about?

Whether you’re just starting out in a new place or you’re settled but feel like you’re in a rut, taking some time to analyze your conversations is important and super impactful in your ministry. 

There are three groups of people who will be vying for your face time: girls, leaders, and parents. Because you are a girl, you’re probably going to spend more time talking with moms and female leaders. But that doesn’t mean a chat with a dad or a male leader is against the rules. We’re just talking majorities here. 

There are two key factors when it comes to how to break down your time between the three groups:

  1. If you have more than 10-12 girls, you don’t have the time to truly invest deeply into all of them. Ergo you need leaders alongside of you.
  2. You are not nor will ever be the primary source of influence to your girls. Their parents are. 

With that said, let’s jump into a plan. 

There are 168 hours in a week. Hopefully you are spending some of those hours sleeping and with your people (family & friends). Not to mention the time you spend alone with the Lord and digging into Scripture and life with your peers. So with the time that is left…where do you spend it?

Remember those three groups that we said were vital to your ministry (girls, leaders, and parents)? Divide it up equally! 

Whether you are new or seasoned, only talking to one group might be holding you back. 

1. Girls

For me, these convos are life-giving. Talk with them about their lives. Talk about the things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but matter to them. Ask the questions that plunge a little deeper into their lives. Don’t be afraid to ask about their walk with the Lord. 

2. Leaders

These are important people. They are with you in the journey. Talk with them about the girls they lead. How can you encourage them? And talk about their lives as well. It can be easy to only talk with them about the girls, but it’s important to know what’s going on in their personal lives as well. Get to know them. 

3. Moms

They see your girls way more than you do. They matter a lot. Spend time learning about them. What do they enjoy doing? How is their relationship with their daughter? What types of issues do they see their daughter struggling with? How can you encourage them to lead their daughter in godly ways?

If your ministry is to lead girls to know and follow Christ, all three of these groups matter. And that means that conversations with all three groups are important. 

If you are just starting out, set up some times to meet one-on-one with someone from each group each week (or more if you have the time). One of the coolest things I learned from Amy was that each week she would hang out with a different leader just to get to know them. You should try it!

People generally like to talk about themselves. Use that to your advantage to start learning and getting to know people! -Becca