You are not Alone

You are the only one who struggles with _______.

You are the only one who doesn’t have ________.

You are the only one who feels incomplete because of ______.

We could all fill in the blanks quickly for one or maybe even all of these. I think this is the enemy’s favorite lie… “you are the only one who _____.” The devil knows that if we feel isolated, our hearts will be filled with worry, fear, inadequacy, shame and hurt. If we are isolated, then our hearts are not open to casting our cares on the Lord (1 Peter 5:7) or for letting anyone carry a burden with us (Galatians 6:2). We feel alone, shed our identity as a loved child of God within a family of believers and take on an identity of uncared for and alone. 

Whenever I feel the whisper of “you are totally alone in this” or “don’t share that, no one will understand” I find such hope in Ecclesiastes 1:9,

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.

Is it just me, or is that awesome!?

None of the guys on your youth staff understand the joy you feel when the chalkboard stuff is 90% off at Michaels? That’s not new!  Call a small group leader who can be excited with you.

Everyone on your staff is married and you're not? That’s not new! Befriend a mom in your ministry and use this season to soak up wisdom.

Struggling with jealousy? That’s not new!  Connect with a trusted girls minister in the area and meet for a time of prayer and accountability every month.

Anything I could ever list here isn’t new. The very God who made you has walked with millions of people who struggle with something you have gone through. What hope! We serve a God who loves us and is perfectly able to meet our needs. We are never alone in our needs. Every need we could ever have is not new.  

I've memorized Ecclesiastes 1:9, but I still hear “you are alone.” And, I know the familiar, yucky whisper of “you’re totally alone” in girl’s ministry. I remember one time I had a mom and daughter morning. We spent 3 hours teaching them how to read the Bible for themselves. A ton of ladies came and it was quite honestly amazing. Everyone left equipped and excited that they didn’t “need us” or even “need a book” to confidently pick up God’s Word. A well-meaning guy, on our staff at the time, told me the next day, “I do not get what you do, but it is really cool you had so many people there.” Any event high I had was quickly deflated.

I went to my office feeling very alone and frustrated. I pretended to check emails (go ahead and laugh you’ve done this too). I prayed at my desk. God reminded me…"you are not alone." I seriously felt relief remembering- thank God- I’m not the only one discipling girls. There are a ton of us who take making disciples seriously.

I pictured 100 other women sitting in an office, or at home, or in a coffee shop struggling with being misunderstood and I felt a part of something. I didn’t feel as alone, because it wasn’t the truth! I’m not the only one who has felt misunderstood. And, I don’t need to be understood. Jesus was totally misunderstood by the Pharisees, but was totally known by God. He was misunderstood by the crowds, but He was loved by His disciples. I can be misunderstood because it isn’t new!! 

I can feel alone, but I cannot find my identity in it. Don’t listen to the enemy’s whispers that you are the only one- listen to this truth and combat the lie that you are alone with it:

We have a God who sees us. We have a band of women who disciple girls. We have millions who have gone before us who struggled. You are not alone. - Amy