Helping your Student During Exam Time

Exams. They are a reality for all students. Exams signify the end of a semester and the coming of a break. But on the days leading up to them, they feel like anything but a gateway to a break. 

Looking across campuses of middle school, high school, and college students it's easy to see when exam season arrives. Study sessions increase, sleep decreases, and stress can seemingly become overwhelming. 

So what is the best way to care for and encourage students during exam prep? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 


Especially during the month of December, schedules can quickly become filled with different activities everyday. Make note of exam days on your calendar. Do your best to not overbook the nights before exams. This will prevent added stress of not having enough time to devote to studying. 


Plan ahead. Make time for chores and responsibilities to all be completed either before or after exams. 


We can probably all think back to the days of big exams and the only things you crave come from the candy aisle. But good, healthy meals are so important, especially during exam times. Plan ahead for meals and keep healthy snacks on hand. Fill those water bottles up and stay hydrated. If you're student is like me and just have to have that little sugary treat during exam prep, turn studying into a game so that your treat only comes after you reach a certain goal.

Designated study areas/times

Set aside a specific area in your home where no other distractions are allowed during exam prep. No phones. No tv. No movies. No games. In your home, this might look like a specific amount of time rather than an area.

Philippians 4

This is an awesome passage of Scripture for any day. But in times of higher stress, the beautiful words of Philippians 4 take on a whole new reality. Jot down a verse on a notecard each day and place it in her notebook. This real life situation of life feeling so much bigger than she can handle is a perfect opportunity to remind her that God is in control, always present, and ever faithful. 

Exams are real and important, but they don’t have to ruin or rule the days. Caring for your student can be as easy as planning ahead and being prepared. Take advantage of moments to point them to the truth of Christ and his very real presence, even during exams. - Becca