Crafts + Conversation: Colorful Ornament DIY

Homemade ornaments is a time honored tradition. It's just the best when you can look over at your tree and remember who you made a specific ornament with and it takes you back to a special time in your life. Ahhh. Major ornament lover over here!

This quick and easy DIY is great for an Ornament decorating party with friends or just as fun by yourself on a chilly afternoon. The color possibilities are endless. Let's get started!

-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-colorful pom poms (I used 1/2 in pom poms from Hobby Lobby)
-clear ornaments (glass or plastic, whichever one you prefer)

Once your hot glue gun is ready to go, squeeze out a line of glue around the top. Select your colors at random or work a pattern. I just grabbed pom poms at random! I think it's more fun that way.

Continue to hot glue the pom poms all the way around the ornament in a circular fashion. Once your ornament is covered, cut a piece of string to loop into the ornament hook.

I added a yarn pom pom to the top of my ornament just for fun. You could also add a tag to your ornament like the picture on the right. This is a great idea if you're at a party and want to commemorate the experience.

I love the way my colorful ornaments turned out! They remind me of little gumball machines! Happy crafting - JJ