The 3 Circles Video

In a previous post, we promised we would share a simple tool for sharing the Gospel at your Thanksgiving dinner. So, we want to share one of our favorite Gospel tools that was developed by First Baptist West Palm Beach, FL! We have trained others to use this tool and have shared it countless times. The amazing man that is in this is my hubby Kyle. He truly has the heart of an evangelist-super proud of him.

We want to encourage you to not only watch this video, but to watch it several times and practice it until you can repeat it to share with others!

Also, in case you didn’t know…every month we will be periscoping live with the #perchiscope. I will be hosting a different person I respect and learn a lot from at my dining room table…or sometimes I will be on the road interviewing people. We’ve hosted the fantastic Susie Hawkins we have a surprise guest this week, AND save the date, because our December guest is JR Vassar live Dec 2 at 1:00 pm!