Celebrating Differences with Co-Leaders

The other day I had the most encouraging conversation with a fellow small group leader. We were sharing stories of ways the Lord was at work in each of our groups. These were stories of girls growing in their faith and putting action to their beliefs. The kind of stories that just fill your heart with joy and put a giant smile on your face.

But then she added something that really caught my attention. She spoke about how she and the two other adult leaders in the group worked together. To give you some background information, they are all three very different but equally wonderful. These three ladies found a way for their different gifts, talents, and skills to work together for the good of their group.

One leader has a particularly strong gift of hospitality. She has taken on the role of planning and organizing activities for their group to spend time together outside of their regular small group time. A second leader has developed an incredible ability to memorize Scripture. She is leading out in this area with the girls and passing on what she has learned. The third leader is quite skilled in the various forms of communication available to us today. She initiates contact amongst the group each week and communicates prayer requests, things coming up, and what is going on during the week.

Each of these three leaders are gifted and skilled in very different ways, Yet, they have found a way for their gifts to converge in a beautiful way.

So often we fall prey to the temptation of comparing ourselves to the people we lead alongside of. When that happens, we are not allowed to flourish in the gifts, talents, and skills the Lord has given us.

As these ladies have embraced their differences rather than competing with them, they have become this unique unit that works together so well. It has a direct impact on the girls they lead as they have found a cohesive approach.

The Lord has given us differences in our gifts, talents, and abilities to be celebrated. He weaves those together in remarkable ways that allows his Spirit to work through us as we work together for things that we could never do or even foresee on our own.

What differences exist between you and the people you lead alongside of? How can you each utilize the things the Lord has equipped you with?

As you begin to identify these differences, don’t miss the opportunity to affirm one another in them. We are much quicker to embrace things that others affirm in us. Affirmation is a means of battling the pesky presence of insecurity the enemy likes to swell up in us as we seek to embrace areas the Lord has gifted us in. Be on one another’s teams. Affirmation and encouragement are easy and incredibly helpful ways to be on your co-leader’s team. Lean on one another and grow in your differences together. - Becca