The 5 F's for Evangelism

Before we start discussing evangelism in today's culture, we just want to say how honored we are by the response of Monday's post about our Grandfather. Thank you for the comments and outpouring of love! 


Many of our hearts are burdened over lostness and we desire to make disciples. The Lord puts someone in our path and we long for them to know Jesus. But, how do we start up a sincere conversation to make them feel welcome in our country by feeling heard and cared for? 

One of our dear friends, a global strategist for NAMB, held a very helpful training recently on engaging new friends from other countries in conversation.

I tell my kids every time we go to a new place it is like going on a field trip. When making a new international friend have the posture of a learner. Remember to use the 5 F’s as you have the posture of someone who is genuinely interested in your new friend’s story. I’ll give you a similar dialogue that I would have. Change the wording if needed (if you don’t talk just like me-ha)

Hey! What’s your name? Where are you from? That’s great. Does your family live here with you?

-If yes, oh that’s great! So, you grew up here?
-If no, oh I’m sure you miss them. I bet you get to talk to them a lot. 

What is your favorite food from (insert country of origin)? Do you know how to cook that or is there a restaurant here that makes it well?

Is there a festival or holiday that is famous to your hometown? What are you celebrating? What do you do? Do they celebrate it here in US?

What is the main religion in (insert country of origin)?

(Don’t be afraid to ask this. Most countries LOVE to talk about their religion or lack of religion. Most will assume your faith isn’t important to you or that you do not have a faith if you do not mention it). 

For (insert religion) what do you think it takes for someone to go to Heaven?

Our next post will include how to transition to the Gospel and a simple Gospel presentation.

The Gospel stories I could TELL and the yummy food I have tried from making new friends. One of my favorite names of God is El Roi- the God who sees. Who can you see today by taking a sincere interest in their story and introducing them to God’s story? Maybe you try out a Japanese restaurant (Japan is the largest unreached people group). Maybe you get bubble tea close to a university (There are 456 unreached people groups in China). Maybe you walk a few blocks over to meet your neighbors from India and invite them over for chai tea (There are 1,932 unreached people groups in India).

When you try this, please comment below. We are better together and would love to be encouraged by your stories! - Amy