Being a Disciple who makes Disciples


In our cultural moment, discipleship has been reduced to conversations and casseroles or overcomplicated with answers coming everywhere but the Bible. With the Bible as our authority and training manual, we will train you in simple tools and principles so you can be a disciple who makes disciples. 


Join a Community of Women who are serious about making disciples

Why are we doing this?

We are convicted that many women want to know how to disciple but don't "know how." We also talk to many women who have reduced discipleship to topics: read this book for parenting, follow this blog for tips on being a #girlboss, etc. Through reading Scripture and learning tools and processes from some amazing disciplemakers, we are convinced there are crystal clear patterns in the Bible for making disciples. So...why...because we are all called and commanded to make disciples and we would love to train you how!

how does it work?

After you complete a submission form, our team will review it and reach out to you with dates/times for upcoming groups you can join. After you pick a time slot, you will meet weekly with a trainer and other women for 10 weeks for an hour and 15 minutes to learn a reproducible pattern for making disciples.


What should i expect?

Expect to be taught, cared for, encouraged, and trained to disciple as Jesus discipled. 

Where do I sign up?

Fill out a form here! We have a waiting list now, but new groups start every month. We cannot wait to connect with you.